Normal Map Editor for 2D Graphics

2D graphics dominate the mobile games market, and most mobile game artists are only familiar with 2D graphics tools. However, mobile games are increasingly making use of 3D effects to control lighting, reflection, and refraction. SpriteBuilder is an open-source application allowing experienced and novice developers alike to create high-quality 2D mobile games. Currently, SpriteBuilder integrates 3D effects which can be used on its 2D graphic assets. However, in order to make use of these effects, artists need to create one critical asset: a normal map. The Apportable SCOPE team developed a native OSX application, to be used in conjunction with SpriteBuilder, which allows artists to create these normal maps specifically for 2D sprites. This tool is open source and freely available to the public. It is specifically designed for 2D artists, using technologies and paradigms that allow them to feel comfortable in this editor. Our work included user-oriented product design, user-interface  design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a released project.

Apportable poster

Faculty Advisor
Allen Downey

Team Members
Chloe Eghtebas
Kevin O'Toole
Luke Metz
Diana Vermilya

Apportable team members posing for a picture in Milas Hall