Developing Novel Treatments of Pancreatic Lesions

Pancreatic cancer has the fourth highest mortality rate of all cancers, with a one year survival rate of 20% and a five year survival rate of 6%. Only 15-20% of diagnosed pancreatic cancers can be surgically removed. Currently, there are no standard treatments for pancreatic cysts, the pre-cancerous phase of many pancreatic tumors. Typically, patients must undergo regular monitoring for signs of malignancy throughout their lives. As a result, reliable and effective diagnostic and treatment options for these cysts could reduce the burden on both physicians and patients as well as improve patient survival rates. The 2014-2015 Boston Scientific SCOPE team investigated methods for endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)-guided identification/targeting and removal of pancreatic cysts. The team successfully designed, prototyped and received physician feedback on multiple devices for cyst treatment. The team  recommended the most viable device for further development.

Boston Scientific poster

Faculty Advisor
Alisha Sarang-Sieminski

Team Members
Philicia Chow
Julianne Jorgensen
Emily Mamula
Gaby Waldman-Fried
Morgan Zhu

Team photo