737 Advanced Manufacturing FOD Collection AGV

The Boeing SCOPE team created a proof-of-concept prototype of a robot co-worker that can assist workers in collecting foreign object debris (FOD). When airplanes are being assembled, there are many opportunities for FOD to fall around the plane. Currently, mechanics have to clean up FOD during or at the end of a shift, which takes time from them actually building the plane and is not a job that any of them want to do. We aimed to fix this problem by creating an AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) that collects FOD on the Boeing 737 assembly line. This makes manufacturing 1) faster because employees can focus more on building and less on cleaning, 2) safer because the work environment will be cleaner and less FOD will potentially  travel with the airplane down the line, and 3) cheaper because it will cut down on the employee time needed to clean up. It will also help identify parts that can be reused.

Boeing poster

Faculty Advisor
David Barrett

Team Members
Chaz Gwennap
Maddie Perry
Eric Tappan
Brooks Willis
Oren Zadik

Team members standing at the main staircase in Milas Hall