Creating a Novel Biopsy Device

The Auris SCOPE team will develop a novel biopsy tool to increase the success rate of biopsy and improve patient outcomes. Current biopsy techniques either have low yield rates or come at greater risk to the patient. The tools developed by the Auris SCOPE team will be able to better reach currently difficult to access lesions and increase the yield rate of biopsy samples, which will allow for more reliable detection and treatment for cancer patients. The tool developed by the team will be compatible with the Auris robotic system, which will be used to conduct safe and accurate procedures. The goal of the Auris SCOPE project is to create a biopsy tool that fits within the Auris system, is flexible enough to reach the desired location, and can reach lesions difficult to obtain by conventional biopsy tools.

Faculty Advisor

Alisha Sarang-Sieminski


Team Members

Devynn Diggins

Margaret Lidrbauch

Duncan Michael

Joshua Sapers

Kevin Suzuki