Entrepreneurship and AHS

At Olin, we connect the teaching of engineering to entrepreneurship as well as the arts, humanities and social sciences (AHS). We believe it’s not just about what our students know, but what they do with what they know that will allow them to make a difference in the world.

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Our entrepreneurship stream offers students a structured experience to help them develop the mindset, the methods and the resources needed to act on their entrepreneurial ideas and interests.

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We believe an education that includes arts, humanities and social sciences (AHS) is critical to developing well-rounded engineers, which is why AHS courses are  required throughout the Olin curriculum. 

Faux-mencement 2020 - Photos, Video + More

Olin held a “faux-mencement” for the Class of 2020 on March 12, a truly Olin-y response to the decision to move classes online in light of the spread of COVID-19. Seniors donned garbage bags, paper "origami" caps and tassels made of yarn, while cheering and bubble-blowing students, faculty and staff joined in. Experience Faux-mencement!

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