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Autonomous Industrial Robotics

The current application of industrial robotics relies on heavily guarded human interactions. While industrial robots significantly improve efficiency and reliability in myriad applications, many require the implementation of major infrastructure changes that are often costly, time-consuming, and impede  regular business functions. In addition, once integrated, these systems are highly inflexible, require high rates of maintenance, and are not explicitly designed to work well with people.

The Locus SCOPE team designed and developed a prototype for an industrial robot that challenges these issues. This prototype is low cost, requires minimal infrastructure change, and is capable of safely working around and with people. Our team spent the first semester designing and testing concepts and systems for the robot while implementing user-oriented collaborative design. During the second semester we manufactured, tested, and prepared for a final demo of our robot.

Locus Robotics poster

Faculty Advisor
David Barrett

Team Members
Rachel Boy
Christina Fong
Alex Kessler
Nick Lapin
Amanda Lee
Chani Martin

Team members of the group