Home for the holidays with your college kid

Alia Georges and Dan Johnston
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Welcome to It Takes A Village, our podcast for parents and families of college-bound students!

Episode 6: Home for the holidays with your college kid
It's that time of year: snow falling, finals ending, and college students coming home. Amidst the excitement of seeing them, there are potential pitfalls related to having your semi-independent young adult back under your roof. From curfew conflicts and significant others to communication and family time, we discuss it all with Professor of Psychology Jonathan Adler and our resident field experts.

The podcast guests.

Jonathan Adler (left) is Professor of Psychology at Olin College of Engineering.
Susan Brisson (center) is Director of Admission at Olin College of Engineering.
Stephanie Hill (right) is Assistant to the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, CRM and Campus Visit Administrator at Olin College of Engineering.
The podcast hosts.

It Takes A Village is hosted by Alia Georges (Olin's Assistant Director of Admission & Financial Aid Counselor) and Dan Johnston (Olin's Regional Admission Counselor).

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