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Passionate Pursuit Guidelines

Passionate Pursuit Proposal Form
Passionate Pursuit Request for Reimbursement Form

How to Propose a Passionate Pursuit
Please read before submitting your proposal

Completing a Proposal

Students wishing to enroll in a Passionate Pursuit fill out a proposal form containing the following information:

  1. Title and description of project

  2. Proposed learning goals and assessment process/deliverables

  3.  Request for funding with details of fees/equipment needed.  This request should be as detailed as possible and include any documentation that can be provided at the time.  Students should investigate using/sharing existing resources before requesting money; transportation costs and the cost of personal items such as shoes and gloves will not be reimbursed.  Equipment left over at the end of the Passionate Pursuit will generally belong to the College. 

  4. Signatures from a faculty sponsor(s) who will evaluate your work (this person will be asked to approve the credit for your work at the end of the semester) and your academic adviser so they are aware of your plan

Additional Considerations

Each proposal will be assessed for feasibility given our current limitations with the Shop and other facilities on campus. Students may be asked for more information about their proposals to make that assessment.

Review of Proposals

Proposals will be reviewed by the Dean of the College to evaluate whether the proposed activity has sufficient intellectual content to be credit-worthy and to appear on the student’s academic record, and to decide on the funding amount, if any.  Funding decisions will be subject to the limitations of the total funds available for the program. Any proposal that is deemed insufficient to meet the above conditions will be reviewed by a faculty member and a member of the Student Government before a final decision is made. 

Passionate Pursuits are Olin-specific. The project outlined on an individual proposal must be able to be completed during a standard semester.

Deadline for Proposals

The deadline for handing in Passionate Pursuit Proposals to the Registrar's Office (Campus Center 320) is the last day of the add period.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

Funding and Reimbursement 

Funding is provided via reimbursement.  To request reimbursement, not to exceed the amount allocated for the Pursuit, attach detailed receipts showing amount and method of payment to a Passionate Pursuit Request for Reimbursement form, and submit to the Registrar’s Office, CC320.  This should be done as early as possible, but no later than the last day of classes of the semester in which the student is receiving credit for the Pursuit.  All receipts should be submitted at the same time, if possible.  If paying out of pocket and being reimbursed is prohibitive please be in touch with the Dean of the College to discuss alternate funding plans.