How It Feels to be Leaving Olin

Hi all! Or should I say, "bye all"?

Exciting news! I'll be taking a leave of absence from Olin next semester to go to Brazil to work at a business school called Insper. Insper is in the middle of developing a brand new engineering school, and they have a partnership with Olin. There are four Olin students there now (shoutout to Aditi, Cecilia, Doyung, and Mitch!) designing and developing the first semester curriculum. Myself and a few other Olin students will be swapping places with them this spring, to work on developing second semester classes as well as acting as NINJAs for the incoming students in their classes.

I'm incredibly excited for the upcoming semester and the amazing opportunity at Insper, but it's not without those twinges of sadness. It feels pretty weird to think that I won't be here next semester, especially as classes and clubs are winding down and discussing what the plans are for the spring. Tomorrow is my last day of classes at Olin for almost nine months! I'll miss meeting everyone at Candidate's Weekend, the HPV competition, and taking User-Oriented Collaborative Design with the rest of the class of 2017. It's a lot to think about.

That said, I couldn't be more excited to go to Brazil. Now that I just submitted my student visa application, everything seems way more real. I'm trying to avoid thinking about all the annoying logistics of international travel (cell phone plans, money conversions, etc) and instead just enjoy my last week and a half at Olin - or as much as I can with all the finals craziness!

Speaking of which, finals really ARE crazy. I have two projects due next week. In Computational Robotics, my team is making a obstacle course that our Neato robots (sort of like roombas) can navigate through autonomously. It will be able to identify obstacles and figure out what it has to do to complete a "task", like crossing a bridge or knocking down colored dominoes. And in Principles of Engineering, my team is building a piano-playing robot that can read sheet music. It's coming along really well - this video is from our last iteration from two weeks ago, playing Ode to Joy.  Now, it can play three octaves, including black keys, and multiple notes at once.


And finally, before I go back to writing my Discrete Math paper, I'll give an update on what I'm sure you all have been wondering most of all - the ball pit purchased by my roommate Haley and I. Well, it's here, it contains 2000 balls, and it is more awesome than we ever imagined!

2014-12-10 14.24.36.jpg

- Anne

P.S. If you want to learn more about Insper and the Oliners in Brazil, check out the blog they've been keeping!