Student Teams

At Olin, we believe that following your interests drives the richest learning experiences. Students’ passions come to life through interest-based clubs and organizations, ranging from highly structured engineering competition teams to international competitions to multi-year projects. Each semester we celebrate student work at the Olin Expo, where students share the project they are most excited about. Below are a few examples: 

Olin Robotic Sailing, the Olin robotic sailing team, blends the tradition of sailing with innovative robotic technology. This long standing group divines and designs electrical systems and robotic software architecture to compete in a yearly global robotic sailing competition. Read a blog post about the 2013 competition at the International Robotic Sailing Regatta held in Gloucester and see a Olin Robotic Sailing slideshow.

Olin Electric Motorsports is Olin College’s Formula SAE and Formula Hybrid competition team. The team comprises over 30 electrical, computer, and mechanical engineers that work every year to design, build, and test a formula style prototype racecar. It is our belief that building a vehicle for these competitions will be one of the most challenging, engaging, and complex projects our members will work on during their time at Olin. The team was founded in 2011 by students passionate about accelerating the progress of electric vehicle technologies, and has had 100% full time industry placement

Each year, the Olin Human Powered Vehicle Team, or HPV, designs, builds, and races a vehicle with the goal of creating a faster, lighter, and more usable vehicle. When complete, the vehicle we create travel at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. In building the vehicle, students on the team gain hands-on experience in prototyping and advanced mechanical design, as well as gaining valuable experience in fabrication with machine shop tools and composite materials such as carbon fiber. The Human Powered Vehicle Team has competed in races held all around the United States, including places such as Florida, California, and Pennsylvania, earning awards at multiple competitions.

With more than 30 members, Olin Baja is one of the largest and oldest student-run organizations at Olin.  Each year, students build an off-road vehicle that competes in Baja SAE competitions against 100 collegiate teams worldwide.  These vehicles are designed, fabricated, and assembled by students and must be able to withstand the rugged terrain and difficult obstacles in a variety of competitive environments.  At the 2015 competition in Auburn, AL, the team placed first overall in the sales component of the event.  The team also traditionally places in the top third of the competition in the dynamic events

Students in AERO are interested in all kinds of planes and drones. From 2013 to 2014, students designed several bixler planes to attend Sparkfun AVC, but the group then turned inactive. In the fall term of 2015, a group of passionate students decided to bring AERO back, and they put their focus on quadcopters. Besides building drones, the team is now working to implement a visual navigation system in them.

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