During my 37-year career at Intel in research and development, I learned that innovation could be sustained over the long term only through continuous experimentation and repeated cycles of technology and product advancement. I became interested in Olin because it differentiated itself by taking a similar approach to transforming and improving engineering education.

Olin's accomplishments during its first decade have been remarkable and have attracted keen interest and engagement from engineering institutions worldwide. Starting up in a highly experimental mode, the Olin laboratory developed courses and teaching methods that enhanced student learning and provided a useful model for other institutions engaged in the Olin Collaboratory.

Olin has also made continuous incremental curricular improvements. These efforts included special projects involving small groups of faculty and students during the summer break. The projects delivered substantial benefits with limited spending and were supported by an Innovation Fund, to which I happily contributed.

The strongest testimonial to Olin's effectiveness is provided by its students, who find themselves intensely motivated to learn about engineering. They also appreciate Olin's nurturing team environment and generous financial assistance, including a partial tuition scholarship. To help Olin attract the best students, I have contributed to scholarship funds including those for international students.

Olin has a great opportunity to accelerate innovation in engineering education by upgrading the capabilities of its laboratory and the Olin Collaboratory. This will require significant additional investments in faculty, students and facilities that go beyond what its current endowment can support. --Dr. Sunlin Chou Trustee and Donor Retired Senior Vice President, Intel