Fund Sparks Innovation

The Olin Innovation Fund was created in 2010 to support curricular innovation initiatives at Olin College of Engineering—in particular, those that align with the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges. It is also used to experiment with and improve the Olin curriculum through the development of assessment tools that track and measure key achievements.

As a core part of the Olin Revolution, the fund supports faculty in publishing results and sharing lessons for igniting innovation with peers at other institutions.These efforts are invaluable in encouraging cultural transformation at other schools and catalyzing fundamental change in engineering education as a whole.

In the few short years since its inception, the Olin Innovation Fund has supported some impressive successes; for example, the complete redesign of the foundation courses in linear algebra and differential equations, a hallmark of undergraduate engineering programs and often a source of discouragement for first-year engineering students. Other initiatives for which the fund has provided resources include investigations into the role that gender plays in engineering education; effectively integrating humanities courses into an engineering curriculum; and emphasizing the importance of strong writing skills in STEM contexts.

The Olin Innovation Fund is at the heart of the school’s mission to transform engineering education. Your annual gift to the Innovation Fund will directly support our initiatives to bring the Olin Revolution from our campus to schools and other institutions across the country and around the world, building connections with thought leaders, industry influencers and future partners of all kinds.