Repeat Success

A recurring gift offers the opportunity to support Olin College of Engineering for the long run—and in a way that simplifies the donation process.

Budget planning necessarily entails a level of uncertainty; by committing to a recurring gift, donors can help alleviate a portion of budgetary unknowns and educated guesses by pledging an amount to be given at regular intervals. Above and beyond the financial support this provides, it upholds the actual everyday operations of Olin, becoming a part of the school’s reliable, ongoing support system.

Investors who commit to a recurring gift receive only one solicitation a year. Through monthly, quarterly and annual support, their gifts provide steady, dependable funding for students and faculty, ensuring that Olin continues to graduate innovative engineers who are changing the world.

To enroll with a credit or debit card, please use our easy and secure online form.

How It Works

  • Investors determine the amount and frequency of their donation. See below for some recurring gift amounts and the resulting annual contribution. 

Recurring Gift Amount Annual Gift if Monthly Recurrence Annual Gift if Quarterly Recurrence Annual Gift if Annual Recurrence
$5 $60 $20 $5
$10 $120 $40 $10
$25 $300 $100 $25
$50 $600 $200 $50
$100 $1,200 $400 $100
$125 $1,500 $500 $125
$250 $3,000 $1,000 $250
$375 $4,500 $1,500 $375
  Phoenix Society Level  


  • We charge the investor’s credit card at the predetermined interval. (For each period, charges are made as close as possible to the same date.)

  • We send investors an email confirming each charge.

  • Annually, we send the investor a statement that can be used for tax purposes.

  • Recurring gifts automatically renew each year until an end date specified by the investor.