Frequently Asked Questions: Giving to Olin

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What is Olin’s fiscal year?

Olin’s fiscal year (FY), or the period which we use to define the year for accounting purposes, is from July 1 until June 30.  For example FY16 is from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

What is my Olin College giving history? How can I find out the details, including but not limited to if I gave this fiscal year?

Alumni, parents and Olin employees can view their giving history once logged into the Olin Portal at If you need help logging in, use the Olin password management tool or call the IT HelpDesk at 781.292.2430.

You can also find out your giving history by contacting:

What are alumni and parent participation rates, and why do they matter?

Participating and investing in Olin enables you to express your philanthropic values and symbolize your commitment to the college. Olin is fortunate to celebrate record-breaking alumni and parent participation rates, which make a very favorable impression on companies, foundations and other institutions. Your participation helps spark conversations with these third parties about the revolutionary intiatives happening at Olin. You can view updated alumni participation rates here, and parent participation rates here.



What constitutes a pledge at Olin?

When you fill out the online pledge form or a printed pledge form with a pledge payment schedule for a one- to five-year commitment, you are letting Olin know your intention to give at the specified amounts during the specified time to the gift designation indicated.

By committing in advance to Olin, you can maximize your impact of giving and may be able to stretch your gift out over multiple years. Pledging can also help you know ahead of time what you are going to give each year; for example, a donor might not be able to give $5,000 today, but could potentially give it over two or three years. Making a pledge keeps you from receiving numerous giving reminders as well.

Pledges, especially multi-year, are also important for Olin because they become part of the school’s reliable, ongoing support system and therefore help reduce a portion of our budgetary unknowns as we plan for the coming year. In addition, they save the college fundraising resources and help forecast our giving participation.

How can I make a pledge payment to Olin?

You can give online at by Visa or MasterCard, with a check made out to “Olin College” and mailed to the Development office, or via stock, electronic transfer, online bill pay, or donor advised fund. Read more on our How to Invest page.

What do I do if I have a pledge and I want to change it to another gift designation?

While we encourage you to give to the original designation of your pledge, you may change the gift designation, or the other terms of your pledge commitment by contacting the Development, Family and Alumni Relations office at or by calling us at 781.292.2292. It is important that we know if you decide to switch your pledge designation so we can update our records and upcoming communications accordingly.

What do I do if I have a pledge and I cannot give at the gift level I originally agreed to?

We understand that life circumstances, preferences and needs change. If your philanthropic capacity has been altered and you cannot fulfill your pledge payment for the fiscal year, we ask that you notify so we can update your pledge record.

As you know, participation is incredibly important to Olin, so if you must skip a year of your pledge commitment, please consider making a small gift for participation purposes. A gift of any amount truly makes a difference and is appreciated.


Gifts and Designations

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, all gifts to Olin are tax-deductible. If you make an online gift, you will receive an electronic receipt with the amount and tax information at the bottom, as well as Olin's tax ID number (EIN 06-1519057). If you make a donation with a check or stock transfer, then you will receive a receipt and acknowledgement letter in the mail.

When I make a gift online, when will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately and the funds will go directly to Olin College. All donations made through or our philanthropy crowdfunding site ( will go straight to Olin's credit card processing team.

Can I get my gift matched by my employer?

Yes, your gift can be matched if you fill out your employer's matching gift form. Once Olin receives it, we will confirm your donation was received. If you email to let us know you have applied for a match we can make sure to keep an eye out for it. Find out if your employer matches gifts here.

Can I give more than once a year?

Yes. Some donors prefer to make one annual gift while others prefer to give multiple times throughout the year. This may be because they have chosen to set up a recurring gift schedule with a period less than a year (i.e. monthly) or because they would like to contribute to different giving opportunities,such as a time-dependent matching gift challenge or an effort to raise funds for a particular project. We encourage all donors, including those who may have already given, to participate in these fundraising efforts when possible.

How do annual and recurring gifts work?

You can learn more about annual and recurring gifts, which provide Olin with long-term support, here.

What is a designation?

A designation allows you to specify the program(s) or fund(s) where you would like your charitable dollars to go.  

Can I give to multiple designations? Is there a limit to the number of designations I can give to?

Yes, you can give to multiple designations and no, there is not a limit. We recommend focusing on the top 3 designations that you're most passionate about to have the greatest impact. 

What if I don’t see the designation I want to give to on the dropdown menu of the giving page?

Contact Katie Rollauer at, 781.292.2264 or Shannon Paleologos at, 781.292.2293.

What are the top designations to give towards?

The top giving designations include the Olin Fund (unrestricted), scholarships and financial aid, the Collaboratory, student and faculty research, and student competition teams. You can see more about giving trends in our 2017 Impact Report.



What happens when I give through Olin's crowdfunding pages?

Funding goes directly to Olin when giving through Olin’s crowdfunding site, powered by GiveCampus, just like when you make a gift through

If I give through Olin’s crowdfunding site, does that count toward participation?


If the project goal is not met, does Olin still receive the donations?



Gift Impact

How do I see the impact of my gift?

To see how your giving impacts Olin, check out our yearly Impact Reports. A link to our annual impact report will also be sent to you toward the end of the calendar year. Other stewardship reports will be sent individually.

You can also explore ongoing content on the “Discover” page, The Wire, and throughout the website to see your continued support at work. Depending on the designation, you can find pages on class gifts, student projects, curriculum innovation, Collaboratory, alumni and parent participation. You can also find personal stories, metrics, our impact report and stewardship of your generosity. Regardless of the channel, you’ll see how your gift makes a difference at Olin!