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Olin College Housing Agreement Information


Olin College Housing Agreement 2020-2021 

Housing Agreement Frequently Asked Questions



All students who are assigned to an Olin campus residence hall are required to electronically sign a Housing and Dining Agreement. This document serves as an agreement that the student has read, and agrees to abide by, the Residential Housing and Dining Policies, and is liable for the rent for both the fall and spring semesters while they are a resident.

An assignment will not be made and is not valid until the student completes the confirmation form and receives confirmation by email. It is the student's responsibility to see that this entire process is completed.








Olin College Housing Agreement 2020-2021


Office of Student Affairs

Olin College of Engineering, Olin Way, Needham MA 02492

2020-2021 Academic Year Housing Agreement



I am signing and submitting this Housing Agreement to Olin College as I wish to be given an assignment for housing at an Olin residence hall. In consideration of being given an assignment to use an Olin student residence hall and to use the Olin meal plan, I agree to the following terms and conditions set forth in this Residence Hall Agreement, which pertains to the full academic year:


A.    Usage of Residence Hall and Meal Plan


·         The time period of my housing assignment shall begin no earlier than one day prior to the first day of instruction for fall semester and shall end no later than the day following my final semester II examination, or to commencement day if I am graduating.


·         The use of my assigned Olin housing is non-transferable. I will use the room assigned to me for my own use consistent with the purposes of my pursuing my education at Olin and not for any improper use, and in accordance with the rules and regulations of Olin.


·         During the time that I am permitted to use an Olin housing assignment, I am able to participate in the Olin meal plan. My use of the Olin meal plan is non-transferable. Olin Dining facilities are only open during the hours as posted.  No refunds will be made in lieu of meals.


·         All residence halls and dining facilities will be closed to all students for the Winter break. In addition, dining facilities will be closed over Thanksgiving and Spring breaks as referenced on the campus academic calendar. I understand that it is my responsibility to find housing and meals on my own during these closure periods.


·         I am subject to and responsible for adhering to Olin rules and regulations, including without limitation, Olin Honor Code, fire safety expectations, Information Technology policies & procedures, campus policies and expectations, and other official Olin  publications (see, and all state and federal laws, and I  understand that my failure to do so may result in Olin taking action, as determined in its sole discretion, including but not limited to removal from the residence halls. I also understand that if, as a result of action taken by Olin, I am required to leave the residence halls, I will not be eligible for a refund of any portion of the payment I made for use of Olin housing.


·         I understand that I am liable for damage to residence hall property resulting from my lack of care and that I am responsible for missing property that is assigned to my room. I understand that I will be held responsible for common area damage of indeterminable cause pursuant to a calculation as determined by the College.


·         I understand Olin reserves the right to change my room assignment and to fill any vacant space in the residence halls


·         I understand that Olin reserves the right to enter Olin residence halls and individual rooms for verification of occupancy, for performance of housekeeping and maintenance functions, to investigate suspicion of illegal activity or violations of any College rule, regulation, or policy, for health and safety reasons, and in any other situation in which Olin deems entry necessary to protect the welfare of a student, the interests of Olin, or the Olin community.


·         I understand that this Housing Agreement, and my use of Olin residence hall, is a license for use of space and my sole right to occupy the assigned space (which may change from time to time) is based upon this license. Nothing in this Housing Agreement shall be construed to create a tenancy or other interest in property. Neither I nor Olin intend to create a tenancy or other interest in property.


B.    Charges for Residence Hall and Meal Plan and Payment Obligations


·         I will pay the charges for housing at an Olin residence hall (which charges include my use of the Olin meal plan) for the full academic year (inclusive of semester I (Fall) and semester II (Spring). I will make payment in a timely manner at the time tuition charges are due, and in accordance with the payment schedule set forth by the College.


·         If I graduate at the end of the semester I (Fall) or if I withdraw from Olin during semester I (Fall) and I comply with the dates and conditions for moving-out and vacating housing, I will be responsible for semester I (fall) charges only. Otherwise, I am responsible for paying the charges for the full academic year.


·         I agree to pay the charge set by the Olin College Board of Trustees for student housing, which for the full 2020-2021 academic year is as follows:


2020-2021 academic year charge for housing (which includes participation in the Olin College meal plan) is $17,460 per year (i.e., $8,730  per semester)


C.    Related Terms and Conditions


·         Olin is not liable for loss of money or valuables, or for loss or damage to my (or others’) personal property, or for personal injury sustained in residence or dining halls. (Students are encouraged to seek on their own personal insurance as they deem appropriate.)

·         Eligibility to maintain use of an Olin student residence hall and the Olin meal plan is contingent upon full time enrollment at Olin.  Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence are expected to vacate Olin housing within two business days or sooner if Olin deems appropriate.

·         Eligibility to maintain use of an Olin student residence hall and the Olin meal plan is contingent upon the settlement of the student’s tuition, fees, and all residence charges and proper clearance by the Student Accounts office.

·         Olin reserves the right to make such rules, and to change them over the course of the academic year, as it deems necessary for the protection of property, safety, health, comfort, and convenience of residents, and these rules are deemed to be a part of this Housing Agreement.

D. Confirmation of Acceptance of Housing Agreement

I, the undersigned, understand that my submission of this Housing Agreement to Olin and Olin's acceptance of it will obligate me to pay for the Olin residence hall for the period covered by the Housing Agreement and in accordance with its terms.


I, the undersigned, have carefully read this Housing Agreement for Academic Year 2020-2021 and agree to abide by its terms and conditions, including the rules, regulations and policies of Olin as incorporated herein by reference.


By signing below, I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age*, am freely entering into this Housing Agreement, and that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from this Housing Agreement have been made by or on behalf of Olin. I have read this document and fully understand that by entering my signature, I am entering into a binding agreement.


________________________________________________ Date: __________________

Student: Signature



Student: Name Printed                                                                      


*Note: If the student is under 18 years of age, the student and the student’s parent or guardian must sign this Agreement.


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Student: Signature



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Parent or Guardian of Student:  Signature



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Housing Agreement Frequently Asked Questions


Am I required to sign a housing agreement? 

Yes, any student who will receive housing on campus at Olin college is required to sign a housing agreement to obtain housing 


Why do I have to sign a housing agreement? 

Housing/Rental agreements in general are a standard in any landlord lessee relationship.  As Olin is the property owner and we have hundreds of students paying rent to stay in our halls each year it is of course a priority that we have such an agreement to protect both the students and the institution. 


Would I have to do this if I lived somewhere else? 

Once you graduate, and go to look for an apartment you will find that no reputable landlord will rent to you without you signing a rental contract. 


Do I need to sign the agreement every year?

in short... yes, the agreement is for specified dates (one academic year)  For your protection there are end dates in place, therefor a new agreement is needed for each year.


Will there be updates and changes to the agreement each year, do I have to read it every year?

There will be at least minor updates in fields that are designed to change without changing the legal structure of the document primarily contract dates and the housing rates.  That being said, we would always advise you to read any contract you are signing prior to signing it.


How should I go about raising concerns about the agreement?  How can I have the agreement changed?

Reaching out and talking to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs is the first step.  However, please keep in mind this is a legal document designed by lawyers to protect both you as a lessee and Olin as a landlord. Verbiage changes will not be made by student committee or due to dislike, if you have a concern with the legality of the agreement we will be happy to explore it.   We are also of course willing to discuss concerns and are to open a dialogue, to help in fostering an understanding of why documents like this are vital to an organization like Olin so we can maintain and thrive into the future.


The agreement states “Olin reserves the right to make such rules, and to change them over the course of the academic year, as it deems necessary for the protection of property, safety, health, comfort, and convenience of residents, and these rules are deemed to be a part of this Housing Agreement”  Why do I have to agree to rules that aren’t in place yet? 

This is in place to protect both you and the institution as realities change around us.  While the concept may seem intimidating, this is in fact the guiding principal of the constitution of the United states and the practice of policy and legislature all throughout the US.  It is never static, and you are always going to be held accountable to things as they change.  Every College, University and business has always had the ability to create policies and procedures just as states and countries are always developing new laws and changing existing ones.  Even if you do not agree with a new speed limit, a new tax, or another new law or policy, you are still subject to abide by it and to face any consequences should you choose not to.   By agreeing to be a student at Olin (or any college),and by participating in the community you are making this commitment whether you live in housing or not.


Do other schools put in housing agreements that they can change the rules?

Yes, This is standard language for most campus housing contracts in general.  Below are a few examples.

MIT-  “MIT reserves the right to revise and amend the Housing Policies, the terms and conditions on the HRS website, and any other MIT policies and procedures, at any time.”

Stanford- “The university reserves the right to make changes to this agreement and supporting policies from time to time without prior notice. The Residence Agreement in the form as it exists online is the governing document, and contains the then-currently applicable policies and information.”

Tufts- “I further agree to abide by the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that may be established by Residential Life & Learning and by all other policies, rules, regulations, and codes formulated by the University, including, but with limitation to, all academic and social conduct rules and regulations.”

Boston University- “Residents must abide by all the directives, rules, and regulations which may be promulgated and established by the University, in the interests of health, safety, the proper conduct of residents, and the orderly and efficient operation and administration of the residential system.”


What kind of rules do you plan to make or change mid year?

We do not plan to make or change rules mid year.  We do however recognize that at times circumstances lead to the necessity to do so, 2019/2020 was a key example of this need.  Due to Covid we, as an institution had to close our residence halls quickly and unexpectedly.  This resulted in a quick, unplanned exodus from the campus, this also resulted in all of us having to adjust policies and expectations, in some cases these were things that felt good, in some cases they didn’t, but in all cases they were done for the safety and benefit of our students.   Here are a few of the rules that were made and changed to address this situation:

-Students were permitted to leave personal belongings and furniture behind when exiting the residence halls. This is against our existing policy which we deemed necessary to change for the protection of people’s possessions.

-Students who had no other place to go were permitted to stay and given new social distancing standards and expectations to protect their safety and the health of those working to provide them meals and cleaning.  These type of policies would never be a part of the rulebook in a normal situation, however it was deemed necessary to make these adjustments for the safety of those still present.

-We were able to change the policy on housing reimbursement to provide a credit to each student account in the amount of $4,218, even for those who had not paid for housing out of pocket to help alleviate costs.


If we want to opt out of the housing agreement or parts of it, what is the process? 

Just like in the real world, if you do not want to agree to the policies of a landlord, an employer or even a state or country… you have the choice not to engage in that relationship.  At Olin we do require a 4 year residency for our students, to be released from this residency requirement (in very rare circumstances) a student must petition with the Dean of Student Affairs.

Why do we need to fill out the housing agreement to participate in housing selection?  This forces us to sign the agreement to be housed next year

You are correct that in requiring students to fill out a housing agreement prior to promising housing we are making sure that each student has signed a housing agreement before allowing them to rent a space in housing.  Due to liability concerns by our insurance company and our lawyers we do need a housing agreement on file for any student we will be housing.