Company Logo Boeing


The Boeing SCOPE team conceptualized, defined and validated new and novel light weight passenger seats applicable to commercial aircraft.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Allison Schmidt. Juliana Bernal-Ostos, Kori Haymore, Charleen Laughlin, Daniel Foran, Tomo Ryutani
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Company Logo Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

The Boston Scientific SCOPE teams developed surgical instruments that can be used in many types of endoscopic procedures.
Team 1 - Surgical Instrument for Endoscopic Procedures
Faculty Advisor: Gill Pratt
BoSci poster 1
Team Members: Johannah Itescu, Lindsay Gordon, Sylvie Boiteau, David Wurtz, Anita Kalra
Team 2 - Endoscopic Device of Gastrointestinal Diseases
Faculty Advisor:
Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Lara Clark, Lilly Cho, Chandra Little, Pearl Donohoo, Andrew Hollet
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Company Logo DEKA


Wireless Motion Controllers
This confidential project investigated wireless motion controllers using CANbus.
Faculty Advisor: Gill Pratt
Team Members: Eric VanWyk, Abbey Swank, Eric Gallimore, George Jemmott, Mallory Chua



Injet Printer Business Areas
The HP SCOPE team developed proposals for new business areas for HP that utilized their market-leading inkjet printer technology.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Daniel Rice, Alison Badala, Robin Maslowski, Carmella McCormack, David Boy, Raul Ferro Montiel
HP poster



Cart-Based Store Imaging System
Olin students sought to develop the next-generation retail store solution: a cart based store imaging system.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Matthew Colyer, Rob Quimby, Sean McBride, Tim Hanna
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Applications for Multifunction Printers
The goal of this project was to design a software or hardware-software system that developed and improved user-interaction and identified novel applications that addressed the needs of users.
Faculty Advisor: Allen Downey
Team Members: Brian Shih, Nathaniel Karst, Benjamin Hill, Adam College
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MIT / Darpa 

Darpa Grand Challenge
Olin students worked with external faculty and graduate students from MIT's CSAIL todesign and build an unmanned robotic vehicle entered in the third DARPA Grand Challenge race.
Faculty Advisor: Dave Barrett
Team Members: Keoni Mahelona, Jeffrey Glickman, Alexander Epstein, Zachary Brock, Michael Siripong, Katy Moyer
MIT/Darpa poster


Nortel Networks

The Nortel SCOPE teams developed solutions to the problems faced by network managers and information technology specialists and worked with sensor technology and Olin's infrastructure to create applications of potential benefit to the Olin Community.
Team 1 - Roots II
Faculty Advisor:
Brad Minch
Team Members: Lee Edwards, William Shaw, Katherine Kim, Nathaniel Smith, Alexander Dorsk
Team 1 poster
Team 2 - Sensor Networks
Faculty Advisor: Brad Minch
Team Members: Dean Dieker, Christie Lee, Daniel Bufford, Michael Wu, Girish Wadhwani
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F.W. Olin College of Engineering

Device for People with Alzheimers
Olin students created and built a device that helps Stage I Alzheimer's patients live independently and stay in touch with their families. Students looked into adapting existing technology into their device design.
Faculty Advisor: Steve Schiffman
Team Members: Alison Lee, Susan Tse, Daniel Gallagher, Laura Stupin
Olin poster


Pratt & Whitney

Modularized Temperature/Pressure Probe
This project focused on the new design of the data acquisition and wireless transmission from a probe that measured the fan exit flow properties.
Faculty Advisor: Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Christopher Doyle, Sara Marshall, Alexandra Wheeler, Matthew Tesch, Robin Nix
Pratt & Whitney poster



Presentation Venues
The ProActive Community team designed and prototyped a facility that addressed the unfulfilled need in the small events marketplace (125 person or less) for flexible, adaptable, high impact presentation venues for corporate, private and public events.
Faculty Advisor: Ben Linder
Team Members: Sarah Boman, Brendam Doms, Jonathan Pollack, Yrinee Michaelidis, Cody Wheeland
ProActive poster



Unmanned Orchard Farm Tractor
This SCOPE team worked on developing a versatile, intelligent unmanned orchard farm tractor.
Faculty Advisor: Dave Barrett
Team Members: Madge Dodson, Gordon Muschett, Dan Lin, Simon Helmore, Lauren Hafford, Andrew Bouchard
ROCONA poster



Energy-Harvesting Tool for Drilling
The team worked on developing energy-harvesting technologies for drilling  to collect energy from various sources and to provide this power locally to external instrumentation.
Faculty Advisor: Burt Tilley
Team Members: Matt Brouillard, Brandon Rowan, Mark Penner, Tal Schwartz, Jeremy Freeman
Schlumberger poster