Summer Institute

The 2021 Olin College Summer Institute will take place in a virtual format June 7 - 11, 2021. 

The Olin College Summer Institute 'Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences' event has provided participants from around the country and around the world with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. 

Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences is a weeklong interactive workshop for faculty teams engaged in a curricular change effort at their own institution. Through participatory workshops, immersive design exercises, and presentations from experts, teams of faculty, staff and students learn about, experience, and practice effective, engaging teaching approaches for new and meaningful curricula. Through the Summer Institute experience, we aim to create a learning environment for participants that 

  • Embraces creativity, prototyping, iterating, and dreaming big,
  • Introduces a set of tools, concepts, and language about student-centered experience design,
  • Promotes exploration of participants' contexts in new ways and provides insight into what we do here at Olin, and
  • Builds community among educational change agents.

Together with others from comparable institutions, you and your team develop concrete action plans for curricular change. Each team will receive dedicated, intensive, and customized coaching throughout the week, including specially curated resources relevant to each team’s curricular change effort. Sessions are highly participatory and challenge individuals and teams to continually consider new ideas and put novel approaches into practice. Institute attendees acquire a new lens through which to view their projects, an expanded repertoire of techniques and solutions, and steps to take their plans forward.

Past attendees have ranged from provosts and deans to new faculty members, administrative staff, students, and everyone between. 


Here are some highlights from the 2018 Summer Institute:

Summer Institute 2018 by Olin College of Engineering on Exposure