Frequently Asked Questions 

Thank you for your interest in Olin!  The videos below answer many of our most frequently asked questions from academic visitors.  

We hope that you will watch this video in preparation for your visit. 

The video above (broken into five smaller videos below) includes many of the most frequently asked questions from our academic visitors.  It is our hope that answering some of these "basic" questions in advance will allow for more focused and in depth inquiries when you come to campus. [Full transcript available here.]




Olin FAQs: Curriculum
Robert Martello, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Curriculum and Academic Programs; Professor of the History of Science and Technology

What's required in the curriculum?  What's your teaching load?  Where do students take arts, humanities, social sciences and entrepreneurship courses?  How much choice do students have picking projects within a course?  How much choice do students have in picking courses? 



Olin FAQs: Pedagogy
Jonathan Stolk, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Education

What do students get out of project-based learning that they may not get out of conventional classes?  Is there proof that project-based learning is better for students?  How do you approach grading in project-based classes? 



Olin FAQs: Faculty
Vincent P. Manno, Sc.D., Provost and Dean of Faculty; Professor of Engineering

How do you recruit faculty?  How do you hire faculty?  What is Olin's tenure and promotion process?  What is Olin's faculty retention rate?



Olin FAQs: Culture
Debbie Chachra, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering

Olin has about 350 students and 45 full-time faculty.  What is it like being at such a small school?  How much of the Olin curriculum is project-based?  Do Olin faculty do research?  How and where do students learn technical content?



Olin FAQs: Teaching & Learning
Alexandra Coso Strong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Systems Design and Engineering

How do you form students teams?  How do you grade team projects?  What does team teaching look like at Olin?  Once faculty members start at Olin, what kinds of training and support do they receive?