Tools for Change

Olin faculty strive to enable and equip other educators to engage in innovative educational design with tools that facilitate student motivation, hands-on learning and other elements of the revolutionary Olin curriculum.


Curriculum available to Educators

Engineering for Humanity: a NEW Curriculum Resource and point of connection for educators interested in adapting material from the “Engineering for Humanity” course offered at Olin College of Engineering. For more information, visit the curriculum website


A selection of additional resources to inspire curricular innovation

Quantitative Engineering Analysis Quantitative Engineering Analysis

QEA is an alternative for Signals and Systems, Dynamics, Linearity 1 and 2 and foundational physics

Olin Collaboratory FAQs Olin FAQs
An Olin Overview: Answers about Olin's culture, pedagogy, teaching, faculty, and curriculum
An Introduction to the Olin College Robotics Lab An Introduction to the Olin College Robotics Lab
Welcome to our world: projects that focus on real-world applications. This is the Olin Robotics Lab.
Entrepreneurship at Olin Entrepreneurship at Olin
Olin's curriculum connects engineering to entrepreneurship as students put human needs at the forefront of everything they do.
AHS at Olin Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences at Olin College
Olin engineers have a strong AHS element to their personal and professional identities 
Research and Impact Research & Impact at Olin
Olin students have the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research with Olin faculty