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The Olin College of Engineering campus encompasses more than 300,000 sq. ft., is complete and includes the Academic Center, Campus Center, a large project building, two residence halls (West Hall and East Hall) and Milas Hall, which houses academic and administrative space.

The Academic Center

A complete learning laboratory with 27 major classrooms and labs offering complete access to the Web, computer databases, digital media and a host of other resources. The facility houses a wood shop, several mini shops and a machine shop that includes computer numerical control (CNC) machining, welding and metal forming equipment. Each classroom seat has data and power ports and most of the labs are outfitted with individual workstations. A state-of-the-art media center sends and receives signals throughout campus. There are also 12 seminar/meeting rooms and about 25 faculty research labs and support rooms.

The Campus Center

A great place to hang out and take care of such necessities as grabbing lunch, picking up your mail and attending a student club meeting. It includes the main dining hall, the Dean of Student Life Office, the Student Accounts and Records Center, student activity rooms, and other services, such as the post office. The facility also includes extensive meeting and conference space.

West Hall

Your high-tech home away from home. Each room is double-occupancy with private bath and central air. At each desk, there are connections for power and cable TV, as well as voice, data and fiber-optic outlets. Each floor has a common living room. 

East Hall

With the same technological features as West Hall, this new four-story residence hall includes suites with single occupancy bedrooms, a living room, two bathroom areas and a suite-sized microfridge. This new hall also includes double occupancy bedrooms similar to those in West Hall. East Hall residents enjoy two music practice rooms, an exercise room, a kitchenette, study rooms, lounge areas and space for bicycle storage. 

Milas Hall

Includes various offices and resources, such as the President's Office, Admission, Administration and Finance, Development, Family and Alumni Relations, Marketing and Communication, and the Olin Gear Campus Store. The entrance to the building features a dramatic, multi-story atrium. There is an engineering- and technology-focused library, a 300-seat auditorium, faculty offices and a computer lab with 24/7 access.

Babson Resources

Olin Students can take advantage of the many outstanding resources of the Babson campus, a five-minute walk away. Athletic facilities include the Webster Center (dance studio, pool, track, fitness center, squash and racquetball courts), the Morse Swimming Center (a six lane, 25 yard pool), and the Babson Skating Center. Other Babson facilities include the Sorenson Center for the Arts (includes practice rooms for musicians and a 440-seat theater), the Sorenson Family Visual Arts Center (with art studios, digital photography labs and gallery areas) and Horn Library.  

IT Infrastructure

Olin's extensive IT infrastructure is what you should expect from an engineering college for the 21st Century. The academic buildings feature fully networked classrooms that will allow professors and students to use the latest instructional technologies as part of the learning process. The design is flexible enough so that new technologies can be incorporated as they develop.

Highlights of Olin's IT capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art classrooms and labs feature fiber-optic connections, computer-aided instruction, Internet access, and data/power at every seat.
  • Residence halls offer unparalleled desktop connectivity: quad power outlets, quad Cat6 copper for voice/data, CATV, and fiber-optic capability.
  • All campus buildings offer wireless connectivity.
  • Campus has fully converged network running voice, video and data on one network infrastructure.
  • Olin infrastructure supports up to 10GB Ethernet.
  • The Media Control Center provides A/V resources and signals campus wide and beyond.
  • Our computer labs and team project space offer 24/7 access.
  • Voice over IP application offering unified messaging (the ability to access e-mail and voicemail messages from one location), voice mail, call conferencing and the potential for in-house broadcast applications utilizing web technologies.
  • A direct fiber optic connection to Babson is in place.
  • Student Information System collaboration opportunities are being explored with other local colleges.
  • Olin is part of a regional networking group investigating inter-college connectivity and Internet 2 possibilities.