Why I Chose Olin

After the frenzy that is college application season, there’s this period of silence where colleges have all the information they need from you and are in the process of deciding who will get offered a spot in their incoming class. Everyone waits in anticipation, both eager and scared to see the colleges' admission decisions.

But, we’re past that stage now. You’re in. We want you here.

Now the tables are turned. Colleges and universities want to hear from you. What’s your decision? Where will you go?

These decisions will, of course, be influenced by many factors unique to the individual. And so I wish to share my college decision story in the hopes that it will help you decide where you want to spend the next four years of your life.  

It may be hard to believe, but one year ago I was not an Olin student. I was but a young boy in high school with a large decision resting on his shoulders. I could choose only one college to attend, so I found myself underneath Sylvia Plath’s metaphorical fig tree.

I would look up and see figs of all shapes and sizes, each representing a different college experience. In one, I stayed in Texas and attended the local state university, like my mother. I would go to big classes, stay at big dorms, and probably visit home for every vacation. In another, I’m in Indiana studying Mathematics. College football and school spirit, I’d imagine, would dominate my life. And then there was Olin, this small school that seemed to be doing its own little thing in Massachusetts.

Every college offers an education, so it’s the campus culture and student body that makes each one unique. I found that I wanted to explore and try things that I’d never done before. I wanted to go somewhere where I could make friends and interact with them often. And, I wanted to go someplace with all four seasons. Using these three things, I narrowed down the colleges I wanted to go to and chose the one I felt would give me four of the most interesting years of my life.

I won’t say which college I chose, but suffice to say that I’m happy where I am.

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Luis '21 - middle at the end of the table.

I hope to see you next fall!

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