What We're Thankful For

Kerry McConnaughay '20 and Anika Payano '20

Hey Ya again! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break and ate heartily. Speaking of eating, we thought now would be a good time to discuss the dining hall at Olin!

We have a variety of food options; some may even say a plethora of options. Beginning this year, we have a new dining service. Rebecca’s Café provides our food and they are awesome.  As first years, we do not have a basis for comparison, but it is pretty safe to say that their service is widely enjoyed at Olin!

Additionally, the dining hall sometimes has special events or themed food weeks. A couple of weeks ago, the staff in the dining hall had an International Dining Week. We had Indian, Thai, and Eastern European foods the entire week. Before everybody left for Thanksgiving break, the dining hall sent out an email telling all of the students, faculty, and staff about the Thanksgiving luncheon they would be preparing. On the Thursday before break, the dining hall was completely filled with people and the aroma of pumpkin pie and turkey and stuffing made everyone even more excited for the break.

Follow Your Nose

Although the dining hall itself is not very big, it facilitates more conversation. First years sit with first years but first years also sit with seniors, juniors, sophomores, professors and even some Babson or Wellesley students who take classes with us.

Olin Dining Hall

The Olin Dining Hall.

There are a lot of things we are thankful for, including the dining staff and all of the great things they do for us. There is a food committee here composed of students who talk with the dining hall staff and bring up things the students might like to see in the dining hall or ask any questions.  Knowing this, we are also very thankful for the wonderful relationship we have with the staff!

Happy Holidays!


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