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On Friday, November 16, the day before Thanksgiving break, five Olin students (including me!) got together to host a two-hour live AMA (Ask Me Anything!) session on Facebook Live, all about being a student at Olin. If you didn't get a chance to tune in to the live session, you can still watch our video below! Scroll down below the video to see bios for each student, as well as a list of all the questions we answered during the session. (The list includes timestamps so that you can easily find the questions you are most interested in within the video!)

If you have more questions that you want to ask Olin students, you can email questions to our Admission Ambassadors or submit a question to the Olin students! A student will reply to your question via email. Both the Admission Ambassadors and the question form are student-run, so you can ask anything you like!

Moderator: Maia ’22

Maia is a first-year student from outside of Los Angeles, CA, and is thinking of majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Outside of class, she participates in the Baja SAE Team, Jazz Band, works as a student employee in the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, serves as a student blogger for the Olinsider, and does cool personal projects, too!

Panelists: Katie ’22, Shreya ’22, Zack ’20, and Shyheim ’21

Katie is a first-year student from Charlottesville, VA. She is currently undecided on her major. Outside of classes she is part of the Formula SAE team, PowerChords, Olin’s a cappella group and plays Ultimate Frisbee.

Shreya is a first-year student from Westborough, MA. She plans to major in Engineering with a concentration in Computing. Outside of class she is a member of Olin Aquatic Robotic Systems (OARS), and SERV, Olin’s main community service organization.

Zack is a junior from Tulsa, OK majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is the Co-Project Manager of OARS, Co-President of the Babson-Olin Catholic Association, and a student employee at the Weissman Foundry, a collaborative makerspace for Babson, Olin, and Wellesley students. He also does lots of cool personal projects and Passionate Pursuits.

Shyheim is a sophomore from Hartford, CT majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Around campus he’s an Academic Resource Coach and a NINJA for the Olin First Year Introduction course (OFYI), works as a tech support student employee in the Information Technology (IT) department, plays Ultimate Frisbee, and does a number of personal projects including working to start a National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) chapter on campus.


0:00 - Introductions

3:20 - How would you describe Olin as a college and community? Can you give an example of one of your favorite memories at Olin?

8:33 – Could you give some examples of classes or teaching styles you like at Olin?

11:25 – What is the most interesting project you’ve done at Olin?

13:42 – What clubs are you part of? Can you talk about clubs or what your favorite club is?

15:30 – How do you balance your personal projects with curriculum projects?

16:58 – What’s the hardest thing to adjust to at Olin?

18:25 – How difficult is it to take classes outside of Olin (at Babson, Wellesley, or Brandeis)?

21:06 – What projects did you work on before Olin, and how did your approach change when you got here?

22:49 – Why did you choose Olin?

26:23 – How do people learn foreign languages at Olin?

27:55 – What is the food like at Olin?

29:00 – What is the location of Olin like? What are Needham and Wellesley like? The greater Boston area?

31:09 – How are classes at Olin comparable to actual work experience? What are classes like versus internships?

33:45 – Do most students stay on campus on weekends? What are weekends like?

35:07 – How has Olin changed you as a person?

38:32 – Can you talk about research opportunities at Olin?

41:37 – What was the hardest part of the transition from high school to Olin?

44:37 – Is it difficult to study abroad and come back to Olin because the classes are so unique?

46:47 – Have any of you had internships or jobs while at Olin? Can you speak about that experience?

51:59 – Are there any opportunities to do studio art at Olin?

53:24 – A question about the Honor Code: how long does it take to reach that level of trust with your fellow students?

56:05 – What’s been your favorite class at Olin so far?

58:55 – What’s the most interesting opportunity you’ve been given at Olin?

1:01:19 – I heard the college is small with not a lot of diversity. How does that impact the experience? Are there things that balance it out?

1:03:21 – What are Passionate Pursuits? Is it a class? Is it a club? Is it a side hobby? Something else? What is it?

1:06:04 – What kinds of international opportunities are offered to students at Olin?

1:08:32 – What is social life like at Olin, given the small size of the student body?

1:12:00 – How would you describe a typical Olin student?

1:14:50 – What types of resources are available on campus for students?

1:18:51 – Who are some of the best professors on campus? What makes the professors great?

1:23:26 – What makes the engineering program different from how it is at other colleges?

1:26:22 – At Olin, what is more important: academics or real life experience/projects?

1:28:38 – Can you talk about Computer Science classes at Olin?

1:30:50 – What are the senior capstone projects like?

1:33:21 – Are there any lecture-based classes at Olin, or are they all project-based?

1:35:30 – Discussion of feedback culture at Olin, and how classes can change based on student input and feedback.

1:37:21 – In what ways is the Olin educational model innovative?

1:39:04 – How hands-on are the projects at Olin, really?

1:42:29 – Do Oliners work at startups after or during college?

1:43:26 – What is Candidates’ Weekend like?

1:48:22 – What do you think that Olin offers that other colleges don’t?

1:51:28 – Complete this sentence: “You should apply to Olin if…”

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