We're International Olin Students, Ask Us Anything! Part 1

On December 5, 2018, I sat down with some of our international students at Olin for two "Ask Me Anything!" virtual sessions, focused on student life. If you didn't get a chance to tune in to the live sessions, you can still watch the videos! This video is from the first session which we did at 8:00 AM in the Eastern U.S., featuring Sophie '22 (China), Sparsh '22 (India), and Josh '21 (China).

Scroll down below the video to see bios for each student, as well as a list of all the questions we answered during the session. (The list includes timestamps so that you can easily find the questions you are most interested in within the video!)

If you have more questions that you want to ask Olin students, you can email questions to our Admission Ambassadors or submit a question to the Olin students! A student will reply to your question via email. Both the Admission Ambassadors and the question form are student-run, so you can ask anything you like!

Moderator: Maia ’22

Maia is a first-year student from outside of Los Angeles, CA, USA and is thinking of majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Outside of class, she is member of the leadership team of SLAC (Stay Late and Create), the Baja SAE Team, and the Jazz Band. She also works as a student employee in the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, serves as a student blogger for the Olinsider, and does cool personal projects, too!

Panelists: Sophie ’22, Sparsh ’22, and Josh ’21

Sophie is a first-year student from Shanghai, China. She plans to major in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Materials Science. Outside of classes she is a member of the Formula SAE team at Olin.

Sparsh is a first-year student from Delhi, India. Outside of classes, he participates in the Formula SAE team and the Olin Rocketry Club, and plays guitar in the Jazz Band.

Josh is a sophomore from Guiyang, China, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In addition to engineering work, he enjoys exploring the area near Olin and trying new restaurants, and also plays the piano at Wellesley College (a Passionate Pursuit project).


0:00 - Introductions

2:03 – What was it like to transition from your home country and secondary school to Olin?

4:18 – What is your favorite Olin memory or your favorite thing that has happened at Olin so far?

6:54 – What was it like to go through the admission process for Olin?

10:21 – Have any of you taken the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, and if so, how does the workload compare to the curriculum at Olin? (Sophie did take IB curriculum—hear her thoughts!)

12:08 – Why did you apply to Olin College?

14:12 – What is your favorite thing about Olin? (Check out this question to learn more about the dormitories, dining hall, and curriculum at Olin!)

16:02 – What is your favorite class at Olin?

18:54 – What types of activities did you all do in high school?

23:18 – What does humanities look like at Olin? What are some things you can do at Olin outside of the engineering space?

27:53 – You’ve mentioned Babson and Wellesley. Can you talk a little bit about the Babson-Olin-Wellesley (BOW) Three College Collaboration?

30:18 – Did you have a hard time adjusting to Olin as an international student?

34:22 – What do you wish prospective students knew about Olin?

37:05 – If you could be any mammal, what mammal would you be and why?

39:29 – Can you talk about the opportunities to do research at Olin? What does research look like here?

42:36 – What are you all doing after this [ends at 9:00 AM]? What does a typical day look like at Olin?

45:54 – What are you doing over Winter Break between semesters?

48:00 – Any last words of wisdom for prospective students? Is there anything you wish you knew about Olin before you applied? 

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