A Weekend of Soccer

On Saturday morning, I went out to the Olin soccer fields to support my boyfriend Jacob and the boys' team in their last regular season game of the year. I met more Oliners on the sidelines and we started chatting before the game started up. Somehow it came up that I couldn't make Ultimate Frisbee practices anymore (the schedule changed when it started to get dark earlier). Someone suggested, "You should join the girls' soccer team! We have a game tomorrow!"

I stopped to think about it. I wasn't doing anything tomorrow. Hey, why not? I warned them that I hadn't played since middle school but they said there were plenty of girls on the team who had never had any soccer experience before. Okay sure, I'm in.

I borrowed shin guards, soccer socks, and a jersey from a fellow Oliner. The morning of the game, it was raining. Then, it started snowing. The first snow of the year came early! But the game was still on. As a Texas girl, snow still fascinates me and I was really excited to be able to have an excuse to run around in it. We only had one extra player as a sub so we were all on the field almost all the time. Which was actually good because: IT. WAS. FREEZING. We put our big sweatshirts and raincoats under our jerseys to try and stay warm. We looked like a team of marshmallows and hunchbacks, but hey, at least we were warm.


(Look, you can even see the snow flurries!)

The game was a blast! I played defense, which was basically me just trying to stay between the other team and the goal. The other girls on my team were really considerate of my lack of soccer understanding. (I was one of three new recruits that week.) They answered all of my questions about game play and where I should stand and who I should be covering and on and on. (I ask a lot of questions!) We scored one goal in the first half and another in the beginning of the second half. By this point, the snow had really picked up and both teams agreed to call the game. So... we won!!

Then to celebrate, Jacob took me to Starbucks to warm up with Peppermint Mochas!

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