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Since both of the most recent blog posts have talked about Candidates' Weekend, I decided that I am going to only briefly touch on that topic, despite the fact that the first one is in only a few days and is pretty much anyone is talking about. I know, I know, this is a blog often read by Prospies, and that's probably what you care a lot about, but there's really no sense in beating a dead horse, other than to say that I wish the internal scheduling were a bit better. And to say this: Candidates' Weekend was what really sold Olin to me. It was so much fun, meeting all the Oliners, and, I have to say, the campus was exactly nothing like what I was expecting. Of course, this comes from someone who applied because of the scholarship, and only knew that Olin was "somewhere around Boston." In my humble opinion, Candidates' Weekend is pretty freakin' awesome, and really fun if you want it to be.

But enough about that. I'm sure you've heard more than you can stand about Candidates' Weekend. So now I'm going to give a little update on the State of the Students at Olin...or at least what I know about it. The Big Four project teams (Revo, Baja, Sailbot, HPV) are revving, up: almost all of them have an entire vehicle of some sort or another to finish this semester, and I can tell you from the Sailbot end that things are totally crazy. There are so many boats.


I know from my friend in Revo that they are busily trying to build a tricycle, and I'm sure that the other two teams are working hard as well.

In other news, Olin's acapella group, PowerChords, went to ICCA (the big yearly competition) this weekend. They (and by that I mean we since I am a member of the group) performed three songs with choreography, and managed do improve upon our score from last year. Our music director, Kyle McConnaughay was awarded "Best Arrangement" for one of the songs. Overall, even though we did not advance to SemiFinals, we were very proud of how we did.

Link to a proper gif: http://gifmaker.me/PlayFrameAnimation.php?folder=2014021014eD06nsXn7pyFb...

This wonderful gif is our final pose. Pretty fancy if I do say so myself.

And finally, I feel that I must at least attempt to address Valentine's Day, since it is coming up remarkably fast. What I have to say is this: whether you are single or dating, whether you get a bouquet of roses from half a dozen people or the only flowers you get are the ones you doodle in your notebook, whether you have a roomful of chocolate or you just went out and bought it yourself, I hope your day is still wonderful!

This is currently on my door. Doctor Who humor. :D

Happy Valentine's Day! And, if any of you out there are coming to Candidate's Weekend, good luck, and have fun!

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