Upcoming Candidate’s Weekends

So it's Monday, President's day, and I'm just squeaking in before my deadline!

More Importantly?

Candidate's Weekends start on Friday. This was something you guys wanted to hear about.

I'm really excited to see Candidate's Weekend from the other perspective. Some of my memories from last year include:

1) Getting lost every time I tried to get from the BECC to Olin- but meeting tons of people in the process.

2) Meeting tons of my future classmates (over half)- and getting contact information to stay in touch. This was by far the stand out part of Candidate's Weekend in my mind. I met many people who were very different than myself, but who were all extremely capable, fun, and smart. It was a great pool of people to know. I've stayed in touch with quite a few of these individuals who didn't go to Olin as a result.

3) Learning about the 'Olin Learning Continuum'

4) Design Build Activity! This was great because it was low key, fun, and a great way to get to know my group. My group ended up being really close after Candidate's Weekend. We're still hoping to reunite this year (we have two kids at Olin, two at MIT, and one at Yale).

5) Individual and Group Interviews- Not as scary as they sound.

6) Meeting students. I think one of the most interesting things from my perspective is that last year Olin students genuinely cared about Candidates because- wow, half of us go to school here now.

So my motto for Candidate's weekend? Meet people! Stay in touch! Have fun!

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