Thanksgiving Break Reflections

I think it's funny that as adults we deny the necessity of going home. It's nice to have someone take care of you every once in a while and to have people who look out for you no matter what.

I think I needed a brief respite from Olin. I love the busy frenetic pace of this school, but sometime it's hard for me to be productive or creative without renewing my energy first(I've been saying I need a break for 2 weeks and it was lovely not to do work for 4 days).


Over the break, all I did was take pictures, do some required shopping (for my passionate pursuit and for clothes), watch movies, and have a lot of undeniable fun. Of course there was guilt at the end of the week from not doing that much homework...but still. When I spoke to/texted my friends most of them were in the same boat. I guess Thanksgiving break will have to suffice for the rest of the semester-- Christmas break is just a few weeks way.

I can't believe how fast this semester has passed. Between 30 hour/week Dynamics problem sets, Robotics labs, Linearity studios, Photography assignments, and the upcoming book, time has just flown. Time really is relative ;).

All the lack of sleep, the workload (especially Dynamics--the 4 credit class that should be 8 credits), and hanging out with friends from earlier in the semester is a blurry haze... because of how content I am at this moment in time. I know everything will be snap back into focus with sharp clarity soon, and that the next three weeks will be even more challenging and exciting than ever before. But right now is one of those perfect moment where everything is far away and close by at the same time.



It's now time for me to go do all of the homework I've been avoiding so I don't start off the last 3 weeks behind...

I know I really haven't spoken to you much this year, and I'm not sure if I'm qualified to give much advice, but here is some anyways: Go out live and live! Make sure people understand why you do the things you do, but never feel hampered by people's expectations. Do what makes you happy. Life is fleeting.

Bye lovelies. G'luck for college apps if you are seniors!

Juanita Desouza


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