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Hey there, 

     This is the last day (actually last five minutes) of Spring Break... I went to North Carolina on a Habitat for Humanity trip with an Olin group of 8 people. Other than learning how to hammer nails into wood, I got two days of summer sun, went to the beach, met a cool NC high school girl, and had fun roof climbing and playing Euchre (Card games with tricks and trumps are the best!) 

     Before the break, my team proudly created our first project for mechanical prototyping: Aluminum Tide, a kinetic sculpture of a rolling metallic wave with two steel spheres that orbit synchronously in a perpetual dance of intrigue and mystery. Three years of hard work (actually, one month of intense machining) led us to produce a machine that operates at a speed directly proportional to the rotation of the earth and which emits a sound reminiscent of Rachmaninoff's prelude in G major." 


My 1st project for Mech Proto: Aluminum Tide  

     Since the last post I also discovered the best Japanese Ramen place in Cambridge! The first time you go there, you have to talk about your dream. Jong, who joined my class after serving in military in Korea, said his dream was to "unite North Korea and South Korea". I got the blue sign so I had to talk about 3 dreams, and here they are:

1. Open a dessert shop (preferably on a small plane)

2. Become an Aerospace Engineer

3. Do the above two so I can eat Ramen whenever I want


"Talk about your dream", Cambridge


yumeramen.jpg     Em... It's not just a bowl of ramen; it's your DREAM

      So dear candidates, remember that College is just a mean for discovering, changing and living your dreams. This week as you get your decisions from Olin, be as excited as I was if you get in! There are plenty of opportunites here. Otherwise, don't be too sad because the true gold will shine no matter where it is. After all, it's up to you to cherish and nourish your dreams. 

      Goodnight Sunday, 

      Judy XZ 


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