Summing Up This Year

Grace Montagnino '21

As a nice reflection on the year, a couple of us bloggers decided to get quotes from some first years and sophomores summing up these last two semesters. On that note, here are some of the responses we got from our classmates.

“Life isn't perfect, but you can always learn and grow.” - Raquel '21

“My threshold for weird has gone down significantly.” - Jane '21

“Emotional and fractally dense.” - Adam '20

“It’s a good time, not a long time." - Anusha '21

“Olin is a linear combination of modeling and simulation and design nature.” - William '21

“I look forward to the dining hall options on Wednesdays.” - Erika S. '21

“A constructive encapsulation of real life within a supportive intentional environment." - David '21

“New friends, new skills, and rockets, lots of rockets.” - Kyle E. '21

“Huh, we really did just build a laser radio.” - Braden '21

"Wow... I think I can do this..." - Ana '20

“Really difficult, but easy with all the support.” - Melissa '21

“It’s never too late to pivot!” - Utsav '21

“Colorful, iterative, and lots of growth.” - Nick '20

As a first year especially, this year went by so fast. It is crazy to look back and think about how much has changed in just the last few months. It’ll be nice to go home for a while this summer, but I’m also excited to see what next school year brings!

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