Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Something has changed around Olin's campus. Instead of it being completely silent, with only a few heavily-clothed students rushing between the dorms and the Campus Center, it appears that people have actually started to venture back outside!

Hallelujah! The snow has melted, I can see the beginnings of green on the trees and in the grass, the thermometer on my window currently reads 75.7 and I can go outside and sit on the great lawn without a coat on!

This, of course, means the annual Olin tradition of "moving the entire 1st floor lounge onto the Great Lawn" will shortly begin again:

Hey, we're engineers. Of course we can take 5 sofas outside, and set up a way that all of our computers can still be plugged in while we enjoy the wonderful sunshine. Obviously.

However, along with the warming weather and increasing temperatures also comes the dreaded increase in workload--and a score of other shenanigans. Final projects are beginning to be assigned in all classes, and particularly us sophomores are realizing how very little time we have left to finish our UOCD designs. Eeek.

On top of that, the dreaded room draw begins next week. Zach Holmes wrote a brilliant article about this particular event in the school newspaper Frankly Speaking (http://franklyspeakingnews.com/), which I invite everyone to read. I feel it completely necessary to insert a personal anecdote here: the biggest problem I have with room draw this year is that everyone seems to think that the 1st floor of West Hall is a crummy place to be. As someone who lives here, I must just quickly insert the fact that it is quite lovely--it is not nearly as cold or dark as people seem to believe.

And, finally, with the end of the year comes the knowledge that next year is starting far too soon. Registration for next years' classes is coming up shortly, which just adds another set of stresses, especially for 2nd draw rising sophomores (that was me last year: you pretty much cross your fingers and hope that people don't take your spot).

But, it is important to remember with all of these class and school-related stresses that the outside world is now open again for people to enjoy it. If your matlab code is simply being MADE OF TERRIBLE, take a break. Go outside and enjoy the multitude of small birds that have taken up residence between the dorms. Remember that sunlight is, in fact, a thing--there is not just light from computer screens. And everything will hopefully be working when you go back to it again. And hey, the arrival of spring means that summer vacation isn't too far away!

Happy Spring Everyone!


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