Snowy Adventures

First off, I'd like to say welcome to our Candidates! This is the first of three weekends where ~65 prospective Oliners will flood our campus, meeting new friends, learning more about Olin, participating in the Design Challenge, wandering around the dorms meeting students, attending club fair, and just generally having a fantastic time. For those of you attending, here's a pro tip: Be yourself!! Have fun!! This weekend is about figuring out if you and Olin are a good fit, and that's a two way street. Find current students and ask them a bazillion questions, notice things, explore! I'm one of the student interviewers, so maybe I'll see you around. Stop me, ask me ANYTHING!

In honor of the crazy amounts of snow you see all over campus, please enjoy this snow related story.

At the end of last month, a group of 5 of my friends and I headed over to one of our professor's houses for a special adventure. We had won the SERV auction item* entitled "Sledding with Rebecca Christianson".
We had waited patiently for our first blizzard, and now that we had enough snow for Rebecca's sledding hill of choice to be ready, we planned our weekend. We drove over to Rebecca's house to meet up, and then headed to the hill together. We had brought some sleds that assorted Oliners had loaned us. Rebecca also had a huge supply of different shapes and sizes of sleds. The hill was the biggest sledding hill I had ever seen!** We started climbing up, higher and higher and higher. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of scared. Especially when I saw how fast other people were flying down the hill. This was my first time sledding on something bigger than the slightly sloped lawn of my grandparents house in New York. We got to the top, and posed for a quick picture. Then we began sledding!


Meghan '17, David '18, me '17, Jacob '17, Gabrielle '17 (hidden somewhere), Rebecca (all the way down the hill), Photo cred to Emily '17 (behind the camera)

We spent about an hour or two testing out all the different sleds and picking our favorites. It became my goal to make it all the way down the hill each time. So even if I crashed into a snow bank or fell off, I would get back on and keep going. It was a lot of work to climb up that hill, and I wanted to get my money's worth.

It was sooo cold. I thought that I had dressed warmly enough with fleece lined leggings under jeans, a heat holding long sleeve shirt, another shirt, a fleece jacket, a winter jacket, gloves, and a hat. But when you flip off your sled and land face first into a snow bank, that's cold. When your eyelashes freeze, that's cold.

After we had all gotten good and frozen, we headed back to Rebecca's house where we changed into warm, dry clothes. (Soooo glad we remembered to bring those!) Then we sat down around her kitchen table and warmed up with hot chocolate and cookies.

It was not only the best sledding adventure I had ever been on, but also a really great way to get to know Rebecca and meet her family. Next year, we are definitely planning on bidding on this item again!

Enjoy Candidates' Weekend and the snow!!


*SERV: Support, Encourage, and Recognize Volunteerism, our volunteer and service organization on campus. Check out their website here. (You can even see me bidding on this very auction item in the picture! I'm in the green plaid shirt.)
Every year SERV has a charity auction where students, professors, faculty, and alumni submit items to the silent and live auctions. These items range from fun experiences like ours to homemade food to bringing back fun gifts from overseas. It's a great way for Oliners to give back, and this year we raised over $9,000 to donate to Doctors Without Borders.

**I'm from Texas, so snow isn't really something I'm familiar with. Even those from cold weather climates said they thought the hill was really big though!

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