Smells like spring service!

Brittany L. Strachota

I've always been impressed by the importance that Olin powers-that-be place on community service and the dedication that our student service organization (SERV) exhibits. The Olin calendar has a block of time every Friday afternoon, beginning at 3:30, designated for service activities. No classes, no school-wide events, no required gatherings of any sort.

Some students find their own way to give back during this time, and for those who don't, SERV works hard to bring opportunities to them. This past Friday, there was a flurry of activity, likely aided by the glorious weather.
Engineering Discovery, a service group on campus dedicated to science and engineering outreach in preK-12 settings, was busy preparing for a survival skills/lost in the jungle workshop the next morning. Twenty-eight local elementary school students were on their way to make their own rafts (to transport supplies), water filters, and blow darts (to learn about projectile motion).

DSC_0747edit.jpgSome of the supplies, including a menacing alligator...

Hard at work...mostly...

Outside on the Great Lawn, volunteers were hard at work with SERV, building benches for the Dedham Animal Rescue League.


I love having the opportunity to provide service to the community without leaving campus, and the break from our Bubble is welcome every Friday afternoon.
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