I was going to post about the scavenger hunt this past weekend, but with everything that's going on, I feel like I should perhaps go to a more solemn topic.

Today was the Day of Silence. I was one of the students who participated- before today I never had. Basically, the Day of Silence is about recognizing and honoring all of the queer individuals who have to remain silent about their orientation, etc. Open, one of the bigger clubs at Olin, organized everything, from screening armbands to setting up a "breaking the silence" ceremony. The armbands indicated one of two levels of participation: participant (someone who actually would not talk all day) and supporter (someone who could talk, but still wanted to show that their hearts were with people). I was a participant.

It was a sad day already, with a ceremony for VT in the morning, but not talking definitely kept me more solemn than usual. It was a strange feeling not to be able to talk for so long, and it certainly made things difficult. I ended up eating lunch by myself, just to avoid the awkwardness that came with a one-sided conversation. The discomfort was worth it, though. The ceremony, the general support, and the camaraderie that came along made me realize just how good a network can be, and I'm glad that I can be supportive of people I know who had to deal with being silent. I may not identify as being queer, but I'm glad I went to a queer-friendly school.

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