One more time (with feeling)

Thumbnail image for SittingInAirport.jpgOnce upon a time I was sitting in an airport at 5:30 AM with two of my best friends (here's a picture of us at the airport). I wrote this beautiful post about Olin friendships, but then a funny thing happened- actually, a thing that seems to happen to anyone with a senior laptop. My hard drive died. Needless to say, I'm still sad about this, so this is my feeble attempt at rewriting that beautiful post about Olin friendships (Trust me, it was gorgeous).

Over break, I spent a lot of time with my family. I'm not going to lie, I had a rough last semester. But that's beside the point. I would not have made it to this one without the love and support of the Olin community. My family knew this, and we spent a lot of the break chatting about the past semester and the many things my friends did for me.

My dad made an interesting observation. He told me that when he listens to me talk about my friends at Olin, I do it in a way that he never did about his friends from college. He says that my face lights up when I mention their names, that I sound genuinely happy with the people I've surrounded myself with, and I tell stories as if I've known them forever (granted, it's been four years, which is almost forever, right?). I'm invested in the people I've met here, and he's so happy that I have found the friends I've made.

I spent a lot of time over break thinking about what he said, and realized he was right. I cannot imagine going through Olin and not forming these friendships. All those late nights working, playing, laughing, crying. Setting off fire alarms, working with an excessive amount of sticky notes, making mac and cheese with peas, pulling pranks, surprising people at midnight for their birthdays... We've done it all, and somehow, together, we've made it to the last semester. Sure, there are times when we all complain about the smallness of Olin, but the size has led to some indescribable friendships.

If any of you are reading this (yes, you should know who you are), know that you've made my Olin experience incredibly amazing. I cannot imagine any of my experiences without any of you, and I am so grateful to have you around.  

To all of you who've been invited to candidate's weekend: get ready. The people you will meet at Olin will change your life. You may even end up with some best friends out of that one magical weekend. Can't wait to see you on campus so soon!

Until the next time, here are some pictures of me and just a few of my friends.



PS if you know the song I referenced in the title, +100 points to you =]


Here's a snapshot of my silly hallway being ridiculous at the start of the semester


Above is my scope team (Kelsey, Charlie, Brett, Brendan, and Janaki) on our way back from our final presentation

PullingPranksFreshmenYear.jpgMe, Brendan, Kat, Chase, and Rachel pulled a prank on Kevin our first year (3 years ago, wow!)

MagicGardenPicture.jpgFinally, here's a more recent picture: Rachel, Kat (the two other feet in the airport pic above), me, and Charlie, exploring the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia over break.


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