An Olin Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving, a time of relaxation, recuperation, and community. At home, you’ll likely experience a lot of the first two. Of course, it’s great to take a step back from all that homework and smell the roses, but in the back of your mind there’ll always be an itch to explore and create. You can take the student out of Olin, but you’ll never get the Olin out of the student.

How was Thanksgiving break for you all?”  Your inquisitive mind might wonder, “Did you do anything cool?” I could give an answer, but wouldn’t it be great to also hear other people’s thoughts?

“Thanksgiving break was really nice! While the fact that I'm from about half an hour away and that most of my friends go to school around here (so we've been visiting each other) makes it a little less dramatic, for me nothing can really replace the joy of being in my hometown with family and friends. Whether it be going on goofy new adventures, driving to familiar places, or enjoying exciting holiday festivities (Great food, family, and football? Thanksgiving is the best.), the experiences I had at home were a lot of fun and really important to me. At the same time, I definitely still missed Olin - in fact, I drove back to Olin with a friend one night because we needed to do an art project, and I could feel the comfort of the bubble pull me in. At the same time, I didn't completely ignore technical content: after a few mornings of studying and an exam at the end of break, I was able to get my general class amateur radio license, which should prove useful.”

– Anusha Datar, Class of 2021

“The beauty of a week-long break is in the possibilities. I got so much out of my break. I cleaned my room, I caught up on homework, I studied, I had time for myself, and I had time for a doctor’s appointment. Regarding classes and break, History of Technology was nice enough to have my paper due the Friday before break starts so that I didn’t worry about my paper. ISIM offered tutoring on Monday and that helped me and a few other students. I only became worried over Design Nature because my teammates were separated and a design review was coming up. Overall, the break was relaxing. I didn’t have to worry, and I got to take initiatives to get everything I needed to get in order, in order.”

– Erika Serna, Class of 2021              

As for my own Thanksgiving break experience, I feel I was more of an Erika than an Anusha. My dorm got much cleaner and my to-do list got way shorter by the end of the break. Amazingly, there was also time to do things like bike to Needham, take the T to Boston, and eat dinner with classmates. Since the dining hall is closed and we all must cook for ourselves – many used ramen noodles and pizza rolls as their main source of sustenance – the kitchen becomes the new lounge. It’s a great experience to just sit in the kitchen for an hour or two and interact with everyone who comes in.

Thanksgiving Day and the day after were the most eventful days of the week. A lot of us first-years who were staying at Olin over break went over to our classmate’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner. Emma Pan and her parents were gracious enough to host us for an evening and serve us wonderful food.

Oliners at Emma's house

Doesn’t that food look good? Wait, who are those people?

And then, as if we weren’t spoiled enough, there was Friendsgiving! Leftovers and lots of food cooked by Oliners! Turkey, casserole, and pies included.


Yeah! Don’t have to cook two nights in a row!

With just a few extra tables and chairs, we fit almost every Olin student still on campus into the first-floor lounge in East Hall. Conversation and chewing abounded; it was a thoroughly enjoyable event. It was a shining example of one of Olin’s great traditions.

As the weekend arrives, students slowly trickle back into the dorms. Slowly, it dawns on us that our break is almost over and that there was not enough time to do all the nothing we wanted. We were busy, but always doing things we found interesting and exciting.

During that week, Olin didn’t go on break. Not even for a moment.

Hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving, and thanks for reading!


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