My first *official* post

Well, it's Monday. I think writing on Mondays will be a good thing- they tend to be fairly optimistic.

The other side of it?

They are relatively full, the acronym version: EDS, FBE, BBBS, ICB, Chem, NINJA.

Instead of trying to give you a brief summary of everything I did and repeating general information you get, I thought I'd pick one thing that was cool. So, onto FBE: Fundamentals of Business and Entrepreneurship!

FBE is a required class at Olin- it's targeted at the "E!" section of the Olin triangle, encouraging engineers with business and entrepreneurship skills.

More importantly, FBE is one of the classes that I think is a good description of interdisciplinary projects at Olin. The class has three main types of education: discussing basic business practices, doing a market simulation relating to industry online, and starting businesses.

Each semester, students write a "rocket pitch" or a brief summary of something they would like to start a business for. Then, the professors select about ten of these ideas (out of around forty) to present in front of the class. Then, students in the class vote on which ideas they'd be most interested in pursuing and six teams are formed.

I was excited- I got to present on my idea. Admittedly, it was actually a group idea from a previous FBE class. Though it didn't get picked for one of the projects this semester, we do have six really cool ideas.

  1. Ebay Consignment- College kids tend to have a lot of "stuff" lying around. This group will take that stuff and list it on Ebay or other types of venues for a cut off the top after its sold.
  2. Laser Engraver- One cool thing about Olin is student access to the machine shop. This group will go to the machine shop and use the laser engraver to customize items for people- such as plastics, laptops, and other decorative things.
  3. Custom Rubik's Cubes- Everyone loves these (and I mean everyone outside of Olin too). Some of us have them with "Matlab" and "Simulink" on faces. Now, instead of being reminded of (somewhat infuriating) software packages, we should have them of things we like. Imagine this: pictures of your family, a general Olin cube, or an Olin "CW" cube, as gifts.
  4. Frisbee Kites- It's like a frisbee/kite. I am going to keep this confidential for now- but they got the idea from their Design Nature project.
  5. Wii Sensor Bars- This is something Olin students had been working on anyway- in fact I've helped with one (okay, I soldered).
  6. T shirts - If this isn't self explanatory I don't know what is. Customized T shirts are cool!

It should be exciting to see how these ideas move forward



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