My First 5K

My alarm goes off at the unreasonable hour of 6:45am. I roll out of bed and turn it off. My roommate is still asleep as I get dressed: leggings, Nike shorts, tshirt. No, this won't do. Change into different Nike shorts, a different tshirt. Make sure to grab a jacket. Get my iPod and headphones. Fill up my water bottle. Too early for the dining hall, grab a Cliff bar. Time: 7:26am. Oops, I'm late... Someone calls me. I answer, "Hey, I'm on my way!" Less than a minute later, I'm across campus and jumping into the Olin van full of other sleepy first-years. Today is a big day for us. Today, we run a 5K.

It was my first 5K and I had planned on walking most of it. When the race started, I got so excited that I instantly changed my mind. Now I wanted to run! After a while I saw the first mile marker ahead and said to myself, "Yeah, I'll start walking when I get there." The volunteer holding the sign told me my time and I was like, "This isn't so bad. I think I'll keep going". And I did! I was just listening to some music, casually running. I hit the water station and stopped to walk because I know I'm not coordinated enough to drink water and run at the same time. I walked for a little bit more to take a breather. When I felt like I was ready to, I started running again. About half a mile or so from the finish line, I caught up with another Oliner, Phillip. I am so grateful to him because he gave me the morale boost I needed to finish that last bit strong. When I crossed the finish line, I smiled big for the photographer. A big sign told me my time: 34 minutes and 57 seconds. Pretty good for a first-timer.

I was tired but so proud of myself. I found the other Oliners standing around and enjoying our reward of donuts and fruit. I never thought that I would have had the opportunity to run a 5K as part of my college experience. I had a fantastic time and can't wait to run another 5K sometime soon!


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