Late Night Dynamics

Caroline E. Condon '13

It occurred to me recently that most of the Olinsider posts are probably written when people find themselves less busy than usual - although they're often about the things that made them busy at other times. So, in the interest of trying something different/giving a "snapshot" of Olin life, here's just a brief post to say I'm currently sitting in the lounge with about half of my dynamics class arguing with tomorrow's problem set.

People keep bringing us pity food.

Dynamics is one of the hardcore technical course in the mechanical engineering program (I'm defining this set as Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, Transport Phenomena, and Dynamics). In general, I've found this group of classes most time-intensive and conceptually challenging - but by now I have a better handle at least on how to approach these classes. Briefly, my plan is:

1) Go to office hours all the time. I even have them on my outlook calendar, just like classes.
2) Ask for help early and often. I figure if I completely humiliate myself with stupid questions, I can always move far, far away after graduation and never see anyone in the class again, but at least I'll know dynamics*
3) Don't finish every problem set. If not sleeping tonight will mean you can't follow the material presented in class tomorrow, it's not worth it.**

*Or, y'know, just ask the questions and figure no one's paying attention to who asked them.
** Speaking of which, I'm going to bed.

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