Just Keep Swimming

Greetings, Candidates! (And Parents, Gappies, Oliners, and other assorted readers! But this post is more geared towards Candies.)

You're going to do great things.

One week from yesterday, you'll find out if you've been accepted to Olin. If the way you're feeling is anything like the way I was feeling, this statement both excites and terrifies you. It feels like so much is riding on it. But I've been there, and I can assure you of one thing: life will go on. 

Next Wednesday, one of three doors will open for you:

1. You've been accepted!

Yay! Confetti! Lots of excitement. You've been invited to participate in the great, ongoing experiment we call Olin College. You have a great four years to look forward to here.

2. You've been waitlisted.

You might decide to take a year and do something awesome, try out another school, or do something you've always wanted to do. You have some exciting opportunities ahead!

3. "We regret to inform you that..."

You'll have the chance to explore somewhere else. It won't be easy, and I'm sorry. But when you look back years from now, this will be a drop in the bucket. This doesn't change how you'll be feeling in the moment. I may seem seem a bit like:

But I promise that you still have a brilliant future ahead of you, and that whever you end up, you can make it great.

So my advice to you is, whichever path you end up on, swim ahead full speed. You have one week left until you know about Olin, and the rest of your senior year to enjoy! Make it a blast: Whatever happens, you have quite the adventure ahead.

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Signing off,

Michael, c/o '17

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