Juggling is the Bee's Knees

Kerry McConnaughay '20 and Anika Payano '20

Hi ya from Hay Ya!

Our names are Kerry McConnaugHAY and Anika PaYAno and we’re current first years here at Olin. We hail from the distant land of West Hall North and West, respectively.

North West

North West.

There are so many things at Olin that we go through, what with classes, clubs, co-curriculars, Dungeons ‘n Dragons, Glory Hall, 4 North Fridays, working in the admission office and of course, the first-to-fourth-floor-challenge (trust us, it’s a challenge). We’ve done it all. But today, we would like to dive into the topic of co-curriculars.

What’s a co-curricular?


We’re probably not the best people to ask, but we found a nice definition from The Glossary of Education Reform. Co-curricular “refers to activities, programs, and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school.” [1] So put the Olin twist on that and you get sustainable beekeeping, juggling, and playing with clay. Today, you have the privilege of hearing from an active beekeeper and juggler (GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!). 

Coming to an engineering school, you would expect to do physics, some complicated things that might look like math, design some cool stuff, and other science-y things. We have so much more than that. For co-curriculars, professors choose topics and activities that they think are interesting and students can sign up for the co-curricular each semester.  Usually, they meet weekly and they are pretty low key. Unfortunately, you don’t get a credit hour for them, but it does show up on your transcript, and how lovely would it be to let the world know that you did a dope co-curricular?

After reading all of the words before this, you might be tired. Yes, reading is tiring. That’s why we like math and science. Jokes, you still have to read. A well-rounded education is important! Anyway, you’re probably wondering what the point of a co-curricular is. Besides the fact that you can learn something you never would have been able to learn in high school, you can get to know your professors really well.  Only a small group of students participates in each co-curricular and you can switch to another in the following semester; if you want to explore something else, you have that opportunity.  Kerry here. Never would I ever have believed that I would become a beekeeper. Anika here. Never would I ever have believed that I would become a juggler. But hey, here we are. 

So if you want to learn about local Massachusetts history, we have that.

You want to express your creative side? Crafting. 

Current events? We are Voltage/Resistance (current). 

Coastal navigation? We sail.

Nerdy? That’s all of us.

Although if you’re particularly into math, we have a “very informal math reading and problem solving group.” There’s so much more; every semester there are additions and subtractions (MAAAAATHHHH).  We love the co-curriculars and everything they offer, so we hope you will, too, if you come to Olin!


Beekeeper & Juggler

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