It’s Finally Friday

So now I can post. That's all I've been waiting for, really, was my digital Windows clock to strike deep midnight on this Friday morning and my designated posting time to begin in full glory.

I haven't been distracted from my purpose in the least by my R2 (Resident Resource) activities or rehearsal with the F.W. Olin Players for our upcoming production of the Importance of Being Earnest. I haven't put off this post in favor of a few minutes more given to our renewable energy business startup, Bluestem Energy. Not for User Oriented Collaborative Design interviews with my team's user group, Park Rangers. I didn't put blogging aside for intramural soccer or volleyball (both @ Babson), nor for Thermodynamics, nor for Signals and Systems. I even neglected to pick up a guitar and play for a pack of first years compiling pages of problem sets under the watchful tutelage of their wisened NINJA earlier tonight. No, its a good thing I didn't let all that stuff get in the way, not even for a week.

So I'm pretty involved with Olin, but as I've just explained this blog will always come first. After all, what's so Awesome about do-learn renewable energy entrepreneurship, the First Law of Thermodynamics, synthesizing music in MATLAB, preparing theater for eager Candidates, or maintaining the psycho-emotio-physio-logical health of the Olin community? You, gentle reader, are my first priority.

Whatever happens on this roller-coaster ride of knowledge, self knowledge, relection, recreation, and furious enthralling engagement that is Olin College, I hereby pledge to keep the presses rolling, the show going on, the fat lady silent, the homefires burning, the skies being watched, and most of all, the pearly word of Bennett available for your reading pleasure. I know a week is a long time to wait between posts, but please know that I will be equally wrought with anxiousness as I await my next opportunity to write for you.

In painful, poignant parting,

Your pal Bennett

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