I feel like an old-timer…

When I was applying to colleges, I ended up doing a number of alumni interviews. In most of them, the interviewer ended up saying something to the effect of "thank goodness I'm not applying this year." I sort of laughed at it then, never expecting that I'd feel that way a year later.

I met you guys at the two Candidates' Weekends and I was amazed. You had intelligence, humor, talent; there were fencers, dancers, jugglers. It almost made me question my own college acceptances last year a bit. So many of the candidates are ones that I really hope make it in and come here next year. There are many I can see sharing my dorm lounge. It was strange to be on the other side of CW, just because the college process is still so recent, but I'm really glad that I had that opportunity. Besides, I got to help with Design Build, and we all know that that is totally sweet.

I wish you all the best of luck in the college process. Whether you get in or don't, you're all going to end up at insane colleges.

Finally, what did you think about CW?

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