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Hey everyone!

It's been almost two months since my last post and classes just end today! With finals next week, even though I'm a freshman with pass/ no-record, things are getting busy. What's different from other schools is that I choose to spend time on what I want to do, rather than being forced to study for exams.

Right now I'm most excited about making a cube that will light up different colours depending on what colour I put it on. It's an extended version of my Isim project of building a colour sensor. My partner and I are doing more work than we have to, but it makes us so happy when we see our LED light up when we want them to!

After I put everything onto proto boards I'll hopefully 3D print a cube container out of clear plastic. 3D printing is really fun and convenient (I've printed a DIY iphone case). It's a great resource that Olin has. You need to get trained and then you can print whatever you want.

So taking a break from final projects, I will share some fun things I did recently:

Skating at Babson's indoor skating center is one of my favorite activities. This semester we had two nights (11pm-12pm) of Olin-only skating that's free for us all. Although not a pro yet, I feel much comfortable on the ice now.


Above: Babson's Skating Center

Lastly, remember the aerogami co-curricular I talked about in my last post? This week we had the last meeting and I was able to finish this very complex aviocar, in pink!


Today I went to the discovery museum with eDisco (Engineering Discovery, an organization here at Olin that teaches engineering to primary school students). We had the entire museum to ourselves (Yes, college freshmen rather than primary school students) and each of us got a fascinating harmonograph picture. Each harmonograph drawing is unique, and all of them are really pretty! 


With 9 days left at Olin before going home, I'll miss all the resources for the interesting things I'm doing here, the awesome student life and living with my classmates. But I look forward to having car rides every day, home-cooked food and to a certain extent, lots and lots of snow in Toronto.

Again to Prospies: Good luck on college applications! And don't worry if you don't have much engineering experience yet. Start now, and after a semester at Olin, you will know much more.

 * In case you are wondering about the title, you will find out when you come to Olin! Or ask me if you want ( . (It's something really funny and random.)

Until next time.  

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