Home Stretch!

Erika Tsutsumi '14

People say the last semester of high school is pretty chill. Sure, ok- but back then I still had to go to class every day. Now, in my last semester of college, I have class 2 days a week. SCOPE on Wednesdays; and an electronic music class at Wellesley on Thursdays. (My first Wellesley class!) The rest of the week, I have a gloriously empty schedule. Actually, I'll probably fill that with swimming and diving, rock climbing or ariel silks or something, research, work from my part time job, more research, exploring Boston (now that I finally have time) , building the LED hula hoop I've been wanting, and, like, preparing to be a real person. 

In any case, this semester should be awesome. A quick summary of things I'm looking forward to:

My SCOPE team is going to Milwaukee next week, to visit the Harley Davidson headquarters - should be fun, 3 of us are from California and are perhaps a bit unprepared for this whole "Polar Vortex" thing.

Redbones BBQ with the faculty! My hallway (all seniors) has plans to go out and get ribs and beer with at least a dozen of our professors.

Turning 22! Oh god there will be so much Taylor Swift music. Why will that song not die.

Building Jimmy the Robot!

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Render credit: Silas Hughes/Brooks Willis


Or something like him. We designed this for our Mechanical Design class last semester, and my research team (which is working on a different aspect of the same project) gets to play with these versions. New toys!


And, since it would be nice to have another picture in here, here's a picture of the laser-cut skirt I made last semester.

2013-12-22 22.19.02.jpg

There wasn't a particular reason for this project, other than to see if we could do it. Jackie Rose (2013.5) designed the owl pattern and put it in to SolidWorks, I did the laser cutting on Olin's laser cutter. It took a little experimenting with speed and power settings (too much power,  everything is on fire, not enough, it'll take you hours to cut through anything)  Add a lining, elastic waistband, and half a day of poking myself with sewing pins, and I had (half) my New Year's outfit! 

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