Hey '16! Ready...Set...PACK! (But not too much.)

Hello class of 2016! My name is Maddie (2015) and I can't wait to finally meet all of you! I've been working in admissions this summer and so I've seen all of your names and where you're from but I can't wait to finally put faces with the names!

Ok so now on to what this blog post is really about... Hopefully some of you are having as much fun as I did shopping for stuff for your new dorm rooms.  Even though I only live about 20 minutes away I still had to go through packing for college and I learned a lot about what to bring and what you can live without.  Some people in my class know me for my amazing over packing abilities, so I'm here to pass on my wisdom to you about how to not over pack for school!

Seriously, guys, Maddie is notorious for having way too many things in her room! Take her advice and don't be that guy/girl. Love ya, Maddie! -Ari

Packed Car




What you really should bring for happiness' sake: Some of these things are easier to buy when you get here.  Frank's (the store at Olin) has some things, like hangers, and others you can pick up at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, which are both up route 9 about 15 minutes away from Olin.


-                    Bedding (sheets, comforter, blanket, pillow) are good to have especially if you plan on sleeping, which I guarantee you will.  Remember when buying sheets especially that our beds are extra long!

-                    Clothes: don't pack too many though! Remember we have a wardrobe that has 2 racks to hang things on and a set of 3 drawers.

-                    Towel(s): I recommend bringing 2 big towels, 2 hand towels, and a few washcloths in case one is wet or for when you wash one.

-                    Mattress topper:  One of the most important things in my opinion.  The mattresses aren't super comfortable and so you'll want anything (whether it be a foam topper or a down mattress pad) to make your bed the most comfortable for naps and sleeping!  I also got a body pillow and some smaller pillows for my room which was good for making my bed comfortable.

-                    Laundry detergent: You're going to (learn to) do laundry.  You're going to want laundry detergent.  End of story.

-                    Laundry bag/basket: It's nice to have something to put your dirty clothes in and especially nice to have something to carry your clothes to the washing machines in.  I had a small laundry basket and a laundry bag and they both worked well.  You'll figure out what works best for you but either should be fine.

-                    Mouse: You'll be cadding for Design Nature first semester and it's faster to have a mouse to do that.  You'll thank me later.

-                    Extra lighting: The lighting in West Hall is pretty terrible so it's very nice to have an extra stand up lamp or desk lamp or something to give your room a little extra light.  All of the dorms have windows so you get some natural light during the day, but at night it can be nice to have something to brighten up your room.

-                    Bathmat: Warning! Thick bathmats will get stuck under your bathroom door so just get a thin one for outside the shower and then you can always get a thicker one for the tile in front of your sink. 

-                    Nice clothes: You will have to get dressed up for career fairs and presentations so save yourself the call home to get clothes shipped over quickly and bring one or two nice outfits!

-                    White board marker: All rooms have white boards outside.  You probably want to be able to receive nice or funny messages on your board!

-                    Hangers: These are easy to buy once you're here in case you forget to pack them. There's a Target and Bed Bath and Beyond all fairly close by.  

-                    Decorations: Bring things like pictures and posters to make your room feel more like home!










What would be nice to bring but you can live without:


-                    Extra seating: It's really convenient to have a fold-up chair or something for when you have friends hanging out in your room.  The fold-up ones are nice because you can store them easily and then just take them out when you need them.

-                    Something fun (Frisbee, card game, etc.): We love taking study breaks here! And oftentimes we like to do something fun like play Frisbee or card games or something.  So bring something that you find fun that you like to do with others (this is great for orientation and for the whole year).

-                    Over the shower hanger: Try to coordinate with your roommate on this one.  As you know you have your own shower in your room!  The best thing that I, and many others before me, have found is that it's useful to have an over the shower caddy that hangs from the shower and stores shampoo and soap easily.

-                    Over the door hooks: I really enjoyed having a few of these to put over my wardrobe so that I could easily hang up my jacket when I came in.

-                    Big Mirror: There's a mirror over the sink, but sometimes it's nice to be able to see your whole outfit, especially when you have to dress up.

-                    Cleaning supplies: The college has cleaning supplies in the trash room, but many students prefer to bring their own bottles of cleaning supplies and paper towels.

-                    Stuff for your desk: You're probably going to want to write things, which means you're probably going to have pens and pencils, which means that you're probably going to want something to hold your pens and pencils in.  Stuff to keep your desk nice and organized can save you time, especially as it nears the end of the semester.

-                    Cash: You don't need cash, but it's nice to have on the occasion that you order late night pizza or go out with friends.  There's an ATM on Babson's campus that isn't too far of a walk and there are more in Wellesley and Needham.  You don't need to have a large sum of cash with you, but it's very highly recommended to have at least some at all times.

-                    Monitor: These are really nice for displaying things like CAD or movies, but many students don't have them or don't find that they need them. 

-                    Speakers: If your laptops are similar to our laptops then they don't have the world's best speakers.  Even small speakers that plug into your computer can be fun to have.

-                    Alarm clock: First of all, it's always nice to know what time it is.  Second of all, you don't want to miss class and cell phone alarm clocks sometimes aren't reliable.  So, a small alarm clock is nice!

-                    Shower Curtain: The showers come with a curtain in them, but my roommate and I put another curtain on that had fish on it and was more fun.  Definitely not necessary, but it just makes your bathroom feel more like your own.

-                    Camera: Because who doesn't love bragging about how cool their college is on Facebook, and parents love getting pictures in their emails!

-                    Umbrella/rain boots: Sometimes it rains here and even though we can run quickly between buildings, it's good to have these things in case you need them.


Blurry Desk


What you really should leave at home so you don't end up like me:


ALL your winter clothes.  It won't get cold here until around November, so you should just bring sweatshirts and lightweight jackets until then, especially if you plan on going home for Thanksgiving.

With that said, if you folks are from warmer climates and can't even handle a little nippy autumn weather, don't be afraid to bring a few heavier items! Notice Maddie said "ALL." There will also be shopping trips for those of you who have never felt the need for a winter jacket before. We won't let you freeze, I promise! -Ari


Printer: There are many copiers/printers around campus (there's one on the second floor of West Hall) so there's really no need for you to bring your own printer.


Another computer.  Some of you may actually use another computer if you like gaming or just like having another computer but I brought my Macbook Pro to school and barely touched it.


Lots of books you won't read.  They're heavy and take up space so just bring your favorites that you actually will read.


TV: I had one.  I didn't use it at all.  It sat in my room and people laughed at it.  You probably won't have time to watch TV, and whatever shows you do watch will probably be online anyways so save yourself the space!


Iron: They have an iron and ironing board in the laundry rooms and chances are you'll know someone with an iron. Also, you won't use an iron very much here unless you plan on leaving your fancy clothes crumpled in the bottom of your drawer. Keep them hung up and you'll be fine!


Room View


So that's my room and guide to packing.  Feel free to email me at madeline [dot] perry [at] students [dot] olin [dot] edu with questions or ask me on Facebook! Good luck with all of your packing and have as much fun as you can in your last week of summer vacation. Make sure to get lots of sleep (because you probably won't during orientation) and spend lots of time with your family. See you in a few weeks (make sure you introduce yourself to upperclassmen)! Get excited: we all are to have you.  

-Maddie (2015)

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