Good Spring Semester

Good spring semester folks.

This is Serna writing another listicle because I can. Also because I’m a little nervous to tackle all the SolidWorks homework I have left to do.

Last semester I had a really hard time with classes, leaving home, my health, the weather, and just finding out who I am outside of the standardization of high school. Adjusting to college is really hard and some things don’t fix themselves when you ignore them.

I had to change a lot of things about my everyday life. I was so used to sleeping at 3 am to wake up at 7:30 am for class, skipping breakfast and lunch, and just like barely existing on fumes. I was also used to having laundry done for me and food appear on the way to my room. I missed my friends tremendously and I missed my family even more.

College changes you so much because you have to change. You’re on the cusp of becoming an adult and not sleeping normal times or taking care of your body will get you down. At (@) current students, if you haven’t figure this one out yet, it works wonders to be honest. Even more so, Olin teaches you a lot (at least, it teaches me a lot) in a kinda short period of time. It takes a lot more energy to engage in class than it does to sit in the back and figure out the basic arithmetic worksheet that high school was.

That was one of the beauties of Pass/No Record. It gave me room to find myself at Olin without comprising my future. I was able to miss classes (and material that was legit really cool) to go to doctor appointments and like take care of myself. It totally sucked missing out on stuff I was really interested in though.

Not to mention, I had to work weird hours after class to make up all the work I was missing, and that sucked major butt. But that’s a compromise I have for myself. If sleeping early and not finishing homework means I can pay attention to class, I go to sleep. I talk to my professors and let them know what’s up and that I’m not just being lazy and things work out 10x better than if I rush my homework (not learn from it) and like fall asleep in class.

Now that’s very much my experience and what has led to a backlog of SolidWorks tutorials, but I mean, I was able to pay attention in class and I didn’t die. Like big win on that part.

Here’s my ten favorite things about Olin that I figured out from the transition from first semester to second semester:

1)     The Olin curriculum can be anything you want it to be. If you’re a software person, SoftDes will be yours. If you’re a MechE, MechProto is that one class you have always wanted to take.

2)     At any given time, the Library will have the sounds of someone working (more specifically the 3D printers printing). It is so exciting every time I hear the machines printing their little hearts out. It’s very close to like edm that it just makes my day?

3)     Everything is really close to you. You do not have to walk more than ten minutes to class and as a Texan who hasn’t exactly adapted to snow yet, this is more than a blessing. More so, you also get to walk in buildings if the outside weather is too much for you.

4)     There’s trees.

5)     People are constantly doing really cool things or you learn about some really cool thing they have done and I get impressed everyday by someone. Like there’s people who are actively really cool and I just wow.

6)     Everyone at Olin wants to see you succeed. This one was really important to me when choosing a college because I wanted to graduate and I was already afraid. If I had gone to a different school that was competitive between students, I would not have succeeded and maybe not have graduated. I made it to my second semester because so many people helped me.

7)     There’s a really great supporting staff. From the professors to the dining hall employees, everyone is really nice. Not to mention, shameless plug, the StAR (STudent Affairs and Resources office) is full of amazing people. I’ve worked a lot with Adva outside of my hours and I’m really glad she’s there.

8)     We all have the same laptops for classes which means we get to share chargers. Sometimes I forget my charger and I know if I go back to my room to go get it, I will go take a nap instead. I’m writing this article ’cause Luis lent me his charger. (Again, I’m supposed to be working on SolidWorks.)

9)     Olin’s relationship with Babson means great things for Olin students. It means we get to eat at Trim Dining Hall and attend their Health Services. Mostly it’s great because Babson Police (what students call Babo) will drive you to your health appointments. You forgot to call Wellesley Transport to set up a ride to Colony Care? Babo has your back. You have a doctor’s appointment at Newton Wellesley Hospital? Babo has your back. You jumped off your bed and landed on your ankle? Babo also has your back.

10)  Other Oliners. It’s really easy to feel lost and overwhelmed at Olin and the most helpful thing for me has been other Oliners. Talking to them or even sitting with them in the lounge helps remind me why I belong here.

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