Gay Shopping Trip

Hi! I am Griffith, a Gay (I am the one with the colorblock shirt)! I am a first year at Olin, though it feels like I have been here forever! I am from Kansas and am currently planning on majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Some quick facts about me: I am a keyboard nerd and I am doing Formula this year. (Those two facts are completely unrelated!)

Shopping Group

Last Saturday, a group of seven of us travelled into Boston to go Gay Shopping. What is Gay Shopping? Well, that depends on who you ask. According to Mellie:

“I would be really uncomfortable shopping in the men’s section normally, but I felt so comfortable shopping there [the men’s section] because of everyone else. It was nice to feel that even if I only got a flannel this time, the experience will make me feel more comfortable with shopping in the men’s section in the future.”

For me, Gay Shopping is about finding clothing that expresses who I am and makes me feel comfortable, meaning lots of bright and bold colors. I have been re-doing my whole wardrobe recently, and this trip was the best shopping experience I have had so far!

We started off the trip with a brief ride on the T into Boston, where we were greeted by Uniqlo and its rainbow staircase! While I spent a solid two hours in Uniqlo, most of the group headed over to Forever 21 right next door. The group reunited in a final shopping adventure in Muji, where many of us picked up a small collection of pens, stationery, and other cute items (such as pocket sewing kits). Before we headed back to Olin, we stopped by the Naco Taco food truck, which had astonishingly good street corn and guacamole (not necessarily together)!

The trip was a whole lot of fun! It was tremendous being surrounded by a group of friends who understand where I am coming from and are so supportive. Stay posted for more blog posts, especially regarding LGBTQ+ life on the Olin campus!


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