An Exciting Start to the Semester

So when I signed up for the overnight Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Tournament nearby in Worcester, I expected to have a fun night filled with Ultimate and a great opportunity to meet new people in the Ultimate community. The tournament, called The Buck Starts Here, was a charity tournament that benefitted Ultimate Peace, a charity that utilizes Ultimate to build bridges with youth around the world. When the disc mailing list sent out an email about the tournament, I could not pass up the opportunity to put a long night into Ultimate.

I did my best to convince people to join me at the tournament, and by the time it rolled around, I was going with Kristyn, a fellow first-year, Maggie and Janie, two juniors, captains of the Flying Franks, and AJ, the Ultimate Coach himself. It was an hour ride to the indoor fields and we were all excited to get going. The tournament started at 11pm and ended at 7am, and we were all half dreading and half anticipating the long night ahead of us. We arrived and got randomly assigned to teams. Me and Kristyn ended up together and AJ, Maggie, and Janie also ended up on the same team. They had a bi for the first game, and so they sat by and watched me and Kristyn play.

Our team was pretty great, with jabs and laughs happening even as we were just going around introducing ourselves. The game began, and I was trying to adjust to playing indoors. If you have never seen an indoor field, basically, it is a hockey rink with turf instead of ice. The field is primarily used for soccer, so there are lines in the turf marking half field and a goalie box, etc. There was also a goal built into each side of the field. I had an alright first half of the game, making a few mistakes on offense, but making up for them on defense with a layout D and a hand block. I continued to push myself, and as a disc went into the air while I was on defense, I came over the top of my player trying to get the D before he was able to get to the disc. I just barely miss the disc, and as I turn to slow down a wall meets me, right in the head.

I was able to get my hands up, but they absorb very little of the impact. I immediately raise my hands above my head and start walking off of the field. Maggie and Janie come out to help walk me off, because I am obviously shaken up by the hit. AJ ends up missing his first few games to take me to the hospital to ensure I don't have a concussion, and luckily I don't. I was actually able to return to the tournament and make the last game for our team. We made it to the semifinals, only losing that first game.

Day 2.jpg

It doesn't hurt, I promise.

However, due to the swelling that has been occuring on my forehead, all the blood vessels in the sensitive tissue around my right eye have ruptured, leaving me with a gnarly shiner. Keep an eye out for me at your Candidate's Weekend. Come say hi, and you won't even have to ask where I got the black eye!

And to make this post not entirely unrelated to Olin, I'll ramble a bit about how my semester has been. I decided to take 20 credits this semester, both to challenge myself with a heavy workload and because there were a lot of different courses I was interested in taking. I am taking Linearity I, Real World Measurements, Software Design, Modsim Mechanics, and Mechanical Prototyping. Modsim mechanics and Mechanical prototyping are going to become the two biggest time sinks as I progress in the semester but right now Linearity is holding its own as well.

I have been super busy, staying up till two or three every night. This last weekend was really the first time that I was really able to spend a whole day without doing any work and not feel like I just doomed myself for the next week. Even though I have the heavy workload, the fact that I am really into Mech Proto and SoftDes has made things fairly manageable. Our most recent project for Mech Proto was designing a box that incorporated several different wood joints and fasteners. It was a fun little project and turned up some really awesome designs in our class. My and Lindsey decided to do a puzzle box and had a ton of fun Cadding it, and then seeing it actually exist in less than a week after some organized assembly. I think even though that class will definitely own quite a few of my nights this semester, it will easily be my favorite.

Puzzle_Box.JPGWhat a beauty!

Again, I hope you had/will have a great time at your CW if your are a Candidate, and have a good life in general to all readers. I put a lot of work into the Design Challenge, so I hope that that event in particular was/will be an awesome time for you! See you later! 

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