End of Semester Reflections

I am ⅛ of the way done with college. Wow. Saying it like that makes it seem like so much has gone by. And it has! This past semester, I have: 1) Built a toy that hopped and a pangolin that crawled in Design Nature, 2) built ten circuits (well, okay, only nine...) and created a useless machine in Modeling and Control, C) learned more about the populations of sharks, rays, and scallops than anyone wants to know, researched how much caffeine will kill you, and modeled the game of billiards in Modeling and Simulation, and 4) explored Boston and the surrounding areas through an anthropological lens for my Arts, Humanities, and Social Science foundation course.

All students at Olin showcase at least one thing they are passionate about at the end of semester expo. I chose to present with my Mini Baja racing team. Mini Baja is a project team where we build and race an off road go kart. The Baja presentation was set up like an open house: people would wander in, see the car, listen to various students explain various things, and then leave. This arrangement gave the student presenters a lot of opportunities to talk to our guests. Throughout the hour long presentation, I was able to learn more about the car from other students on different sub teams. I was also able to talk to high school students and adult visitors about my experience and knowledge regarding the electrical subteam.

In addition to the Baja talk, I also performed as a part of an improv troupe called OPIUM (Olin Performance Improv Und Magick). This was only our third ever performance in front of an audience. It was all unscripted, relied on audience participation, and really could have gone anywhere. I ended up acting out the same scene as giraffes with Logan upwards of five times. Each time we performed the scene, it got progressively faster as our directors Bill and Greg wanted to see it done "in less time." What started as a two minute scene about giraffes who couldn't manage to eat leaves off trees or pick up things that had fallen on the ground ended as a one second scene involving simply Logan's tongue. There were also some amusing dead people and lots and lots of panda bears.

OPIUM at Expo 2013.jpg

OPIUM performing at Expo. From left to right: Ellie '17, Ryan '17, Logan '17, Me '17, Brandon '16, Greg '15, Graham '14, and Bill '16

As my winter break draws to a close and brings the beginning of next semester, I must sadly bid farewell to pass/no record and welcome real grades.

Here's to a great next semester!

And to any senior prospective students out there: enjoy your last semester of high school! Finish strong and remember, you CAN fight senioritis. Or you know, you can take a nap...

Meg '17

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